Dream Life: Unlocked

You’ve been following some INCREDIBLE leaders who’ve unlocked the secret to manifestation and you know the courses they offer could benefit you. You are committed to being a student for life and you probably want to take every course and read every book out there. But you haven’t taken action and maybe don’t feel like you have that kind of money available…yet.

It is your desire that brought 17+ creators together to create…

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This magical bundle...

is an invitation to work with world-renowned coaches, teachers, and mentors across the personal development & spiritual spaces so you can integrate everything you need to become an expert manifestor and attract wealth & abundance by the buckets at a price that immediately elevates your energy into expansion.



Over 90% Discount!

Here’s the breakdown. We’ve connected with our favorite empowered leaders, coaches, teachers & guides in our community to collaborate with us on this incredible bundle so you can take your life to the next level without money being the one thing that stops you. We are creating a movement of empowerment to be the change we want to see in the world. It’s time to RISE.

Each of these programs if purchased separately would cost over $2000 USD. Manifested: The Abundance Bundle allows your to purchase them together in one package for a one time payment of $99 USD.

Nothing weird. No hidden costs. Just amazing humans coming together for a shared purpose of guiding others towards the life beyond their wildest dreams.



>> You feel stuck or stagnant in life. You don’t know what you’re “supposed” to do next or if you’re even on the right path and these thoughts alone are taking the confidence right out of you.

>> You’re a big dreamer following all these other successful manifestors and witnessing them live out their luxurious lifestyles wondering what they did. Wondering what’s stopping you from being like them.

>> You believe the life of your dreams IS available for you but for some reason it’s just not working out as you imagined. You are ready to speed up your manifestations.

>> You’ve taken action and done deep inner work to make things happen but there hasn’t been a big shift to that next level and you know you can receive more.

>> You have an inner knowing that even though you’re not where you want to be you know SOMEDAY you will be. You know you are here for a big purpose to make a difference!

You’ve been guided here by a calling in your heart.

Forget the old belief that manifestation is a logical roadmap of steps & process but instead a more intuitive, subconscious journey. One that is created through EMBODIMENT and not solely action.



We’ve been in this community of manifestors and creators for YEARS and have collaborated with some of the most respected in this space for this offering.

Elevate The Globe

Prosperity Rx: Unleash The Creative Money Making Visionary Within

Dive deeper with the ancient spiritual teachings and energy work for prosperity. Learn the mindset and energy to release any lack and leaks holding you back from prosperity.

What’s inside:

+ 4 exclusive teaching videos on the yogic energetics of prosperity

+ tools to tap into your inherent prosperity

+ 4 meditations & practices to align our energy to abundance

+ guest workshop with Dr. Rachel Allyn

+ guide with journal prompts, insights, tools and more!

+ lifetime access!

+ 11 Day Prosperity Challenge

+ BONUS: Live Lion’s Gate 8/8 Kundalini Yoga Class with Britt!

regular price: $179.00

Shaman Durek

Building a Relationship with the Money Spirit

In this course, you will be learning how to communicate effectively with the money spirit and understanding why you may be blocking money from coming into your life. I’ll teach you how to clear these dysfunctional patterns that you have with money, so you can have a more abundantly healthy relationship with money!

regular price: $45.00

Danielle Paige

Karma Codes - Saturn & Saturn Return

It’s more important than ever to understand your soul contract and how your karmic lesson will help you achieve the success and prosperity codes you so desire.

In this 2 hour masterclass Danielle will go over Saturn in your birth chart AND your Saturn Return. She will also go through all the signs and houses plus tons of wisdom that she channels.

What’s inside:




regular price: $65.00

The Balanced Blonde

The Celestial Diet™ & Lifestyle 7-Day Program

7 days to your truest, you-est you.

What's inside:

+ Exclusive plant based recipes (breakfast, lunch & dinner daily + bonus recipes)

+ A 7-day meal plan & grocery list

+ daily journaling prompts

+ 9 exclusive audio meditations

+ a 70+ page PDF

+ daily notes from Jordan

+ a private Facebook group

... and more!

regular price: $121.00

Brittany Reid

4 Week Money Mindset Course

Rewrite your money story and step into the infinite earning potential within.

What’s inside:

+ 4 Week Money Mindset and Energetics

+ Kundalini practices to call in wealth and opportunity

+ Tangible tools to implement in your spending, saving, and receiving money

regular price: $333.00

Cassandra Bodzak

Earn With Intention

Transform Your Relationship with Money and Step into Overflowing Prosperity

What’s inside:

+ 8 video module course

+ EFT for Financial Anxiety + Receiving Money

+ Even MORE More EFT videos for Clearing Financial Blocks

regular price: $297.00

Debra Silverman

Your Highest Calling

Are You Looking For DEEPER CLARITY For Your Career, Relationships, and More?

What’s inside:

+ VIDEO #1: Welcome & Introduction

+ VIDEO #2: What Midheaven Represents

+ VIDEO #3: Your Chart

+ VIDEO #4: Decoding Your Fulfillment Formula

+ BONUS VIDEO: Midheaven Masterclass

regular price: $47.00

Katie Benford

Anything But Basic Masterclass

So, you’ve decided to start your manifesting journey…but there are so many conflicting ideas & techniques… where should you start? In the 60-minute masterclass, you will learn the TRUTH behind manifestation, which steps to take to begin your manifesting journey, the immutable universal laws that are responsible for helping you manifest & Katie’s fluff-free, simplified manifesting framework. This masterclass serves as the catalyst for you to begin manifesting the life you dream of & finally call in the success, wealth & love you desire and deserve.

regular price: $47.00

Taylor Rae

Sacred Funnel Vault™

The easy-to-follow bundle giving you everything you need to set up a sales funnel in your business online

What’s inside:

+ Your Sales Funnel Roadmap

+ Your Value Ladder Creation Planner

+ Step-by-Step Sales Funnel Checklist

+ 50 Lead Magnet Ideas

+ Kajabi Crash Course Masterclass

+ The Funnel Tech Library

regular price: $37

Juliet Obodo

Master Your Belief Hypnosis System

Overcome your limiting beliefs & build the life of your dreams. In just 33 days, get rid of the patterns of self-sabotage that are keeping you from success in your business. Finally build a business that not only supports you, but your lifestyle, your family, and your community.

What’s inside:

+ A total of 8 audios.

+ 5 self-hypnosis audios to create shifts & rewire the 5 layers of your mind.

+ 1 daytime subliminal audio that you’ll listen to for an hour during the day to keep you in an aligned state.

+ 1 nighttime subliminal audio that you’ll listen to overnight to rewire your brain for success while you sleep.

+ 1 morning reset meditation that will help you align with the frequency of success as soon as you wake up.

regular price: $333.00

Maddie Moothart

Unleash Your Wild Feminine Movement Medicine

Get ready to shake that ass, move those hips, release trauma and stagnant energy from the body with Maddie as your sacred guide. Maddie will show you how to unleash your Wild Feminine through movement medicine. You will shake, twerk, dance, connect with the breath & body to activate your power, fill your life force tank, ignite creative flow, and release energetic blocks so you can feel embodied in your divine feminine power and bliss.

regular price: $44.00

Jessie Delowe

Your Comprehensive Guide to Manifesting Love

Through this course, Manifestation + Relationship Coach Jessie De Lowe will guide you through the process of examining your unique lens on love, identifying what may be blocking you from attracting love into your life and getting crystal clear on how to manifest the partner and relationship of your wildest dreams. Includes nine chapters of deep exploration, journal prompts and a guided meditation.

regular price: $72.00

Ashley Wood

Clear the Line - Release Fear

Your fears are an energy. And like all energy, you feel them, worry about them, react to them. But your fears are not you. They are an energy you can process and release.

What's inside:

+ Four video modules that help you understand and release the energetic root of your fears

+ Modules: Realization; Honesty; Truth; and Expression

+ Guided Line Activations so you can receive guidance and messages from your Highest Self

+ Journal exercises for reflection and analysis, plus prompts for your daily Line Activation practice

regular price: $74.00

Sian Jinying McKeever

Magnetically + Authentically Grow Your Instagram Masterclass

A recorded replay of the M+A Webinar Insta Masterclass. Everything you need to know about growing your Instagram account from an authentic place. No icky shit. We're here to make a difference online.

What's inside:

+ recorded replay of the M+A Webinar Insta Masterclass

+ webinar slides

+ 2 bonus videos

regular price: $80.85

Sonia G. - Moon Babes and the Light Tribe

Golden Portal Gateway Activations

An Astral Travel Higher Consciousness Experience

Empowering you to switch the coding of your reality to limitless possibilities & divine creation mode.

What's inside:

2 very powerful Astral Travel Journeys in which we safely project consciousness to access higher planes of existence, integrating higher versions of reality that are available to those who know where to look for them, through time and space and planes of existence.

regular price: $222.00

Christine Olivia

Cacao + Ritual

Learn about Cacao, rituals, gentle plant medicine, and how to create your own ceremony/sacred space for your own transformation. In this masterclass you will learn an invocation in order to create sacred space for ceremony, inner child healing, modalities to use with cacao, what cacao is and how to use it.

regular price: $74.00

Dr. Jenelle Kim

The 8 Keys of Living Meditation

In less than 10 minutes a day, for 8 days, you can cleanse and train your mind, body, and spirit, so that you are able to attain a consistent state of calm and inner strength no matter what is happening around you.

In this 8-day course, you will be given short, yet impactful videos to watch each morning that consist of one of the 8 Keys of Living Meditation followed by the powerful Myung Sung Moving Meditation Rebalancing Technique that connects and resets the mind, body & spirit.

regular price: $150.00


How is this possible?

We know you’re probably wondering, but what’s the catch? Love, there is genuinely no catch. All these powerful & inspirational leaders joined us because not only do they get to share their gifts and teachings with even more beautiful people like you but we all share a passion for elevating the world. However because of how much time & energy goes into every launch we can only offer this for a few days, so don’t wait!

Get Ready To Demystify MANIFESTATION

Listen To Your Intuition & Don’t Wait

This is an incredibly sacred & rare opportunity to join these amazing courses for only $99 is only available for ONE WEEK. As soon as we close all these programs will return to their regular prices and the bundle will cost $2000 USD.

Don’t miss it! We wouldn’t be offering this if we didn’t believe in it 1000%.




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Start Learning

Set up a cozy sacred space, and dive in as soon as today. Start practicing what you learn, and go create your dream life! We can’t WAIT to see what you manifest!

Questions? We’ve got you!

Is this really worth it?

YES!! 100%. If you do the math you’ll realize you’ll be buying the bundle for a little over $5 per course/program, which is absolutely WILD! And we know it’s impossible to do it all at once but even if you move through one or two of them it’ll be worth it. Pick and choose which you want to work with and have fun!

How long will I have access to the courses?

Once you buy the bundle, you have a full year to enroll into the different courses and create a login. However, once this step is completed, you will be able to access them indefinitely! Once you’ve signed up for each of the courses, your username and password won’t expire unless the creator closes their blog or website, so you will be able to access them whenever you want for the rest of your life!

Why are you offering this at such a discount?

We have some incredible leaders and teachers in our community who deeply believe in inspiring and supporting others in creating their best life possible. Collectively, we have faced so much division and hardship and we all realized we wanted to do something to support others at this wild time and support women’s empowerment at the same time.

Will I be able to buy it after the sale has ended?

No. These courses/programs regularly sell for a lot more than this bundle, and the only reason we are able to offer this is because we only do it for a few days. This is NOT a marketing gimmick. It’s the real deal.

How will I access all the different courses?

Purchasing our bundle is JUST like if you decided to buy all these courses/programs separately. In the majority of cases all you’ll need to do is follow the link we provide to the teacher’s website, add the course to your shopping cart, and enter your unique coupon code so you can checkout for free. Once you purchase your bundle, you’ll receive an email straight away with instructions anyway, so you have nothing to worry about (please, check your spam inbox if you don’t see it).

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

No. Due to the instant access and live nature of parts of this bundle program, and all the energy and love we’ve poured into creating this for you, the bundle is non-refundable. But love, you’ve got nothing to fear! These courses/programs normally sell for $100-$300 (and in some cases over $1000) … each! With our bundle you’ll be getting over $2000 in courses for just $99, so we can confidently say that it’ll be one of the best purchases you ever make.

I don’t see my question.

We’re here for you! If you have any important questions that need to be answered before purchasing your bundle, please send us an email at support@elevatetheglobe.com and we will be happy to help you.



With a 90% discount bringing the entire bundle down to only $99 USD, there really is no excuse! Now is the time to commit to your dream life. Enrollment is only open this week! Say YES to a life you can fall madly in love with…let’s do this!



The ideas, yogic postures, procedures, and suggestions in this online course/membership/in-person or digital retreat are not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice from a trained health professional. Before you begin any exercise or health program and before adopting the suggestions in this course, please always consult your physician, as well as about any condition that may require diagnosis or medical attention. The benefits attributed to the practice of Kundalini yoga and meditation stem from centuries-old yogic tradition. Results will vary with individuals. Elevate the Globe shall not be liable or responsible for any loss, injury or damage allegedly arising from any information or suggestion in this online course/membership/in-person or digital retreat.