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Elevate The Globe

With Britt + Tara

Elevate the Globe is a spiritual and wellness hub where you can find the tools and guidance you need to raise the vibration of your energy. This creates a ripple effect and when we are vibrating in the higher energies of joy and love, just by being the light you raise the vibration of your families, communities, and ultimately the globe! High vibrations attract powerful thoughts, positive emotions, good health and strong spiritual awareness, and our hope is to empower you to have a ridiculously healthy mind and body. With our easy to follow resources, you will feel so much peace, clarity, and happiness you won’t know what hit you. Kiss fear, confusion, and not feeling 100% good bye for good. The planet needs more people who are happy, healthy, and aware, who are living a high vibrational lifestyle. When you do the inner work and make how you feel your biggest priority, you RISE UP and ELEVATE the GLOBE.

Hi, It’s Britt and Tara here- We are heavily meditated Kundalini yogis and best friends on a mission to give you everything you need to live in the high vibrations so we can collectively elevate consciousness on the planet! We envision living in a world where people exercise their power to create the highest version of themselves, and we’re dedicated to helping you live a high vibrational life of joy, prosperity, and incredible health...because you deserve it and the world needs us!

Everything we teach is rooted in the The Law of Vibration and the other universal laws, ancient yogic principles, hermetics, and Kundalini Yoga and meditation. It aims to release energy blockages, improve states of mind, and increase levels of happiness. These practices work together on a cellular level and our ultimate goal is to curate them as an effective set of tools for you to attract positivity and abundance (love, health + wealth) into your life so you can spread it into the world.

The Law of Vibration states that everything that exists in the Universe vibrates and consists of pure energy or light which resonates and exists as a vibratory frequency or pattern. All matter, even our thoughts, emotions desires, and actions have their own vibrational frequency. That’s why when you hear people say “Like attracts like”, they are actually referring to how a vibrational energy is attracted to a similar vibrational energy. Mindset, energy work, and clearing the subconscious mind are key to being able to choose more positive thoughts, and therefore be in alignment to attract health, love, wealth and happiness into your reality.

Ohh I have got to know more!
“Britt & Tara of ETG are the real deal, you guys. From the kundalini session itself to the kriyas, mantras, soulful conversation, and post-session chat about our spirit guides (Tara saw them, yes, she’s an intuitive goddess human), Jill and I got so much out of the experience.” - Jordan Younger, The Balanced Blonde

We live by the African term "ubuntu" which is the worldview that sees humanity as a web of family rather than a mass of individuals. When we can relate in this way we feel super connected, energized and in the high vibes of love and abundance! We consider you all a part of our ELEVATE THE GLOBE family and we are so honored to guide you into higher vibrations and be on this journey with you of elevating the globe.

"To say that Kundalini Yoga intimidated me is an understatement -- I was straight up scared. I had started a regular Kundalini practice multiple times in the last year to have it last 4 or 5 days because I never felt connected to it or like I was doing it properly. I also never knew the instructors personally (these were other online programs) and couldn't feel their energy or commitment to the practice of Kundalini, which made it much harder to get into.

This all changed when I found Britt and Tara about 5 weeks ago. I joined their mailing list and Facebook community because I felt so drawn to their energy and beautiful spirits -- and they really are beautiful spirits. I had no idea that joining their community would completely transform my life. I started by purchasing their Intro to Kundalini Collection and the support and love I felt from these two was immeasurable. The course contains so much knowledge, carefully selected and curated to be easy to understand and the opposite of scary. In fact, I had never been more excited to start something in my entire life.

My Kundalini Yoga practice is my new favorite way to start my day, my vibration gets higher every minute and I am having some of the coolest experiences of my life. I want to immensely thank these two for providing a platform that makes Kundalini Yoga not only accessible and informative, but FUN! To change the vibration of the world in a positive way we must first change our own vibration, and they make it simple and beautiful. To want to do something like this everyday, it needs to feel exciting, and their enthusiasm for what they do pulls you into the screen so you feel like you are right there with them -- and you are! Partnered with the supportive communities they offer, this is a no brainer -- they are the real deal, and you want to jump on this right now, trust me."

- Abby O'Keefe - Website
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