Spend a weekend dedicated to movement, meditation, manifestation and expansion with Kundalini teachers and mindfulness experts, Britt and Tara at their brand new studio space in the socal LA beach town, El Segundo. Immerse yourself in a luxurious, tranquil meditation experience to recharge, connect and elevate. Discover new tools to ELEVATE every aspect of your life and leave feeling refreshed and renewed.

April 2-3, 2022

El Segundo, California

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“From the moment I came I felt such positive vibes. There was such an amazing balance between cleansing and elevating my joy. I can’t thank you enough for this weekend. So many amazing people in one sacred space.” — Linda F.
“Being a part of this group was one of the best experiences and it brought me to a whole new level of thinking. Each morning I woke up excited to see what was in store for the day and was not let down. Each part of the curriculum and work was amazing.” - Sean, ETG Bali Retreat Guest
“The retreat was life changing for me. There were things that I had healed mentally and physically from but they were still holding me back, subconsciously. The meditations helped to clear the remaining junk out. Feeling lighter and brighter.” - Jessica H.



You want to feel inspired + empowered to take on the world

You are ready to release limitations keeping you from raising the vibration of your energy

You want to connect with a gorgeous community of light beings.

You’re a busy parent or professional who doesn’t have time to get away for a weeklong retreat but still looking for an opportunity to reset and recharge.

You are ready to get out of your comfort zone, relax, rejuvenate, and recharge mentally, spiritually, physically, and energetically.

You are abundant and growth-minded.

You are learning to make YOUR well-being a priority.

You are deeply passionate about discovering new ways to enhance the quality of your life.

You are ready to live life on purpose.

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- Day events at our private space in sunny El Segundo, CA
(only 5 minutes to the beach and walking to amazing restaurants, coffee shops and juice bars!)

Drinks + Snacks
(meals are not included but we will recommend local spots to get food and will have breaks for meals

Morning Sadhana
(morning movement practice to set up a powerful intention for your day)

Kundalini Yoga Sessions
(meditation and yoga of self-awareness)

Mantra Gong Sound Bath

Workshops like…Activate Your Light Warrior Path Workshop

A Powerful Manifestation Workshop

Ice Bath Session

Some surprises!

Connection to a vibrant community of like-minded human beings.


Britt Deanda and Tara Schulenberg are Co-Founders of Elevate the Globe and Studio Intune, certified Kundalini yoga and meditation instructors and healers here to raise consciousness on the planet.

They are high vibrational living experts and pair astrology with spirituality, high vibrational living, and sustainability to deliver a cutting edge wellness lifestyle that allows people to align with their own truth and best way of living.

Their classes, events, retreats, courses, and membership community deliver incredibly transformative results and the transmission of energy ignites people from all walks of life to uplevel and step into their power as happy, healthy, and abundant lightworkers elevating the globe.

This virtual retreat is open for Men and Women looking to elevate, connect, cleanse and uplevel their lives!

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This serene meditation and yoga studio is located in El Segundo, CA. With the beautiful California weather we enjoy year round, there’s no need to go inside, but when you do, you won’t be disappointed. The space is open and airy with a massive outdoor yard and the energy here is off the charts for healing and rejuvenation.

Intune is a wellness studio for meditation, breathwork, and kriya yoga practices on demand and customized for you. Discover the ancient practices of Kundalini yoga and meditation for your emotional and mental well-being. Intune blends mantra, breath, meditation and movement to ground you in your body, unlock emotional freedom and cultivate presence and empowerment

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“I've always cried to release energy, but the last couple years I haven't. During the first kriya I had tears running down my face and knew I was in the right place. The energy of the space & everyone there was so powerful, safe & supportive. I felt like I already knew Brit & Tara - the energy online is the same in real life, & both are totally approachable which was refreshing. I loved the labyrinth, the food, & singing in a circle with everyone. Can't wait until the next one!” - Monica D., Joshua Tree Retreat Guest.
“My Kundalini experience started with Elevate The Globe and now I’m getting certified. You guys are the best and your 3 minutes breathwork is as powerful as some 90 minute classes. You hold such space.” - Erika
"I felt like a totally different person by the end of the week and like my true self with an open heart. It's very difficult to put into word the feeling of your soul being home. It's been a long time since I have felt so connected to everything around me. I'm feeling so inspired to continue living my best life. My family have definitely noticed the difference and I have their blessings to go on many more retreats in the future! Such a life changing experience, more so than I could have ever imagined." - Alana, ETG Bali Retreat Guest


Q: What if I'm not local?

A: Amazing! You can travel and join us in-person with TONS of accommodations nearby that we can recommend or you can join us virtually and get replays for up to 30 days.

​Q: Do you have a payment plan?

A: Yes! We offer a payment plan with monthly payments. If you need a custom payment solution, please email us at

Q: Where is the retreat located?

A: In El Segundo, CA only 5 minutes from the beach.

Q: What can I expect to gain from attending the intune retreat?

A: This experience will create lifelong memories! Expect nourishment for your mind, body and spirit, a deep-dive into your purpose as well as adding powerful, practical tools to discover your best, healthiest self. Expect to release, expand and open up new possibilities for yourself. You will leave with less stress and a new mentality to take home. Family members are often requiring or paying for people to come to more retreats after they come home in such a better energy!


For virtual attendees we encourage you to show up live for the most powerful experience but if you need to catch some or all of it later you will have the replays for lifetime access after the retreat!

Terms and conditions/refund policy

Due to the live nature of this event and all the energy and love we’re pouring into this retreat, tickets are non-refundable.


The ideas, yogic postures, procedures, and suggestions in this online course/membership/in-person or digital retreat are not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice from a trained health professional. Before you begin any exercise or health program and before adopting the suggestions in this course, please always consult your physician, as well as about any condition that may require diagnosis or medical attention. The benefits attributed to the practice of Kundalini yoga and meditation stem from centuries-old yogic tradition. Results will vary with individuals. Elevate the Globe shall not be liable or responsible for any loss, injury or damage allegedly arising from any information or suggestion in this online course/membership/in-person or digital retreat.