• You are ready to bring a soul into this world and enter your motherhood journey
  • You have been trying to conceive for months but are experiencing limiting blocks and emotional struggles outside of physical limitations
  • You are newly pregnant and experience fear around taking this journey into the birth portal, motherhood and beyond or just want to feel your best for this next chapter
  • You’re being called to raise a conscious family but don’t know how to strengthen your own conscious and spiritual practice
  • You feel a connection to the little one growing inside you but looking for ways to fully tap into this little light inside you
We are here to guide you to awaken to your true potential as conscious mothers embarking on a connection into divine feminine energy and call forth a new reality of what pregnancy and birth can be about - a time of deep transformation and growth.

Motherhood comes with a lot of highs and lows and it can be easy to stay in low vibrational frequencies where pain, discomfort, anxiety and fear exist. Mothers are the pillar of the family unit. Motherhood is of the highest honor and the most important incarnated job on the planet. Mothers are the givers of life.

As part of healing the feminine lineage, we are dedicated to being open and sharing out of love our powerful motherhood journeys from conception to birth, motherhood and beyond.

Conceiving a child is a miracle. A child is the ultimate creative creation and brings you closer to source energy. And sometimes we’re faced with struggles through conception, hardships through delivery and many mothers face postpartum depression and struggles in early motherhood.

As a mama, I know your struggle.
We’re in this together.
  • Britt became a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor and teaches thousands of others how to use this practice to elevate their consciousness
  • Britt is a mother of Everest (age 4) and baby Finnlyn (just born 3/14/20)
  • Britt had two successful and healthy pregnancies and natural births using Kundalini yoga and meditation throughout pregnancy and Hypnobirthing techniques in delivery

Pregnancy and the transition into motherhood is one of those times that is most important to keep our vibration high! Our mindset and practices for pregnancy and birth can be elevated and an experience that can catapult us into new frequencies.

It will open up and balance our chakras in a big way, if we allow it to. When we tap into the ancient teachings and have a daily practice of meditation, yoga, chanting, and prayer, and keep ourselves in peaceful uplifting environments through conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond - it makes all the difference.

And with The Conscious Bump - our online course in high vibration conception, pregnancy and postpartum - you’ll immerse yourself in our elevated and conscious lifestyle to move through this stage of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood as you envision...or quite possibly more than you could have imagined.

Danielle said,

Elevate the Globe opened up my mind, body, and my spiritual energy to flow with love in all ways.

Emily said,

Thank you lovely ladies for all of your support! This truly feels like a family who are here to lift each other up and help along this journey. I appreciate you all so much! Xoxo

You don’t have to live the life of a monk to call in a strong, healthy and conscious birth experience...

You don’t have to have years and years of meditation experience….

You don’t have to completely shift everything in your life to conceive (although you may be called to transform your life in MAJOR ways!)

With The Conscious Bump, a motherhood journey you feel in alignment with and elevates you is yours right from the comfort of your home.

How does it work?

You can enter the course in whatever phase you are in, whether you are thinking about conceiving and want to get healthy and your energy in a great place, or if you are at any trimester and want to get started with this energy and mindset work and do the Kundalini yoga and meditations. Even if you just had a child and want to get in on the Post Natal classes and want to connect with the community...you have this for life so you will always have it if there is a baby number 2,3...etc! Then it is recommended to do the Mamas 15 min Magic Morning Bump Ritual every day or as much as possible and do the class for the phase you are in every day or a few times a week! Then the other content you can use whenever you need the resources and support! Use the FB group to ask questions and connect with other Mamas and join Britt’s live Q+A’s for more guidance! You have lifetime access to use this for all the stages and phases and multiple pregnancies! This course will open up May 19th 2020!

Enter the course in whatever phase of your motherhood journey you are in….

  • you’re thinking of conceiving and want to get healthy and your energy in a strong and abundant place
  • moving through pregnancy whether you’re in your 1st, 2nd or 3rd and want to start energy and mindset work and do Kundalini yoga and meditation to support your pregnancy
  • you recently had a child and want to support your postpartum with the Post-Natal classes and connect with an elevated motherhood community

You’ll have access to this course for LIFE so you’ll have it if there is a baby number two, three and so on!

All the energy work, mindset tools, workshops, and live Q&As available in this course will help you to reconnect to your Highest Self and the energy of the Universe to help support your journey through motherhood. You’ll be able to open up to receive guidance on how to move through pregnancy, birth and postpartum with ease and begin to tap into your mother's intuition.

We recommend using the 15-min. Magic Morning Bump Ritual every day or as much as possible and do the class for the phase you’re in every day or a few times a week! All the additional content available is for you to use whenever you need the resources or support. Use the Facebook Group to ask questions and connect with other mamas and join Britt’s live Q&As for more guidance! You have lifetime access to use this for all the stages and phases and multiple pregnancies!

These are the EXACT tools Britt used through pregnancy, birth and postpartum with both of her daughters and she’s ready to share her tools with other mothers across the globe!

Sonia said,

You have sparked my heart with this deep love for kundalini, and now I am sparking so many people to love kundalini and what it stands for.

Ericka said,

Elevate the Globe has helped me to further broaden my spiritual awakening and connect more deeply with myself and others. I'm grateful for two beautiful, friendly, and dedicated spirits, Britt & Tara, who are putting this content out into the world as it's helping make this powerful technology more accessible and relatable to the millennial generation and beyond!

Kalee said,

ETG changed my life in the most profound way. I’m looking at the world and my life out of a different lense.

  • Kriya for Conception Yoga Class: rebalances the 2nd Sacral Chakra for the possibility of conception. A divine fertility booster!
  • Kundalini Meditation for Fertility & Ovary Adjustment: a powerful meditation to help adjust the ovaries in women and aids in conception
  • Three (3) Kundalini Classes, One for Each Stage of Your Pregnancy: each 60-90 minute Kundalini Yoga class aligns with a specific stage of your pregnancy to tune up and prepare your body and mind to optimal levels.
  • Four (4) Magic Mamas Morning Ritual, One for Each Stage of Pregnancy + Post Natal: the 15-minute Kundalini yoga and meditation routine Britt personally used to start every day with high vibes for each trimester, specifically for mamas-to-be. New adjustments given at every stage of your pregnancy, including a special Post- Natal Morning Ritual.
  • Post Natal Yoga Class: a mid-length Kundalini practice for postpartum and healing.
  • Yogic Tips for Conception Video: brief module videss explaining spiritual concepts around mindset, elevated self-care, stress management, energetic cleansing and protection, manifesting, connection, and giving back all to help support a conscious and healthy conception.
  • Kundalini Spiritual Teachings on Yogic Philosophy of Pregnancy: occasional videos/PDFS for inspiration for the importance and benefits for these practices during pregnancy and ancient Kundalini teaching recommendations
  • Q+A Lives/Support from Britt: Britt will go on live in the group occasionally to answer questions and will be available in the group to help support you on your journey
  • Facebook Support and Community: Join a close-knit community of like minded and big-hearted mama besties who understand your journey and can support you! You may even find someone who lives close enough for yoga dates or playdates!
  • Lifetime Access: Use this course for whatever phase of life you are in and use it again and again for multiple pregnancies! Priceless!
And when you sign up with us as a Founding Member of our Conscious Bump Community you’ll lock in these bonuses worth over $200:
  • Birth Affirmation PDF: This guide contains 20 powerful affirmations for a strong birth journey, plus tips on how to create your own affirmations.
  • Blessingway Guide: a guide to host your own blessingway ceremony in your weeks/days leading up to birth!
  • Pregnancy Guide: a guide on what poses, breathworks, etc are ok and to be avoided and other yogic tips, guidance, and resources for your pregnancy
  • Birth Journey Resource List: ETG favorites for all the tools to support a conscious birth experience
  • Support Videos from Other Experts: Britt will add videos with her doulas/midwives and other conscious experts in the field over time to support you!
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That’s over $2,000 worth of content at a lower price to support you on your journey to conscious motherhood!

As Conscious Mothers, we have the power within to completely elevate our pregnancy, concieve where we previously have not been able to, and have healthy births and avoid postpartum depression and are able to parent leaders who are conscious and thriving for a better planet and a more elevated globe!

Britt and Tara created a high-vibe lifestyle that gave them the courage to become Kundalini yoga instructors and reiki practitioners, leave behind corporate jobs, and start a wildly successful spiritual business, Elevate the Globe.

It’s what allows them to help thousands of people step into their power via our podcast, classes, events, retreats, courses, and membership communities to deliver incredibly transformative results. The transmission of energy we provide ignites people from all walks of life to uplevel and step into their power as happy, healthy, and abundant lightworkers elevating the globe and we can’t wait for The Conscious Bump to serve you and transform your year and life to another level!


The ideas, yogic postures, procedures, and suggestions in this course are not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice from a trained health professional. Before you begin any exercise or health program and before adopting the suggestions in this course, please always consult your physician, as well as about any condition that may require diagnosis or medical attention. The benefits attributed to the practice of Kundalini yoga and meditation stem from centuries-old yogic tradition. Results will vary with individuals. Elevate the Globe shall not be liable or responsible for any loss, injury or damage allegedly arising from any information or suggestion in this course.