It’s time to give your dreams a high-vibe kickstart

Maybe this sounds familiar: You started your year with a few big, gorgeous goals scrawled in your journal. And although you’ve made some progress towards achieving them — woo hoo! — you can’t help but feel like you’re starting to lose momentum.

Perhaps your vision board isn’t coming to life fast enough (or at all), or you’ve hit some obstacles along the way that threw you completely off course.

Well, no matter why you might be feeling less-than-stoked about your path right now, the Elevate Higher challenge is here to help get you back on track FAST—giving you the concrete steps to transform your life into whatever glowed-up vision you have for it.

We designed this challenge to help you break free of the limitations that block you from your deepest desires: freedom, money, love, all of it.

For three weeks, we’re going to cleanse and upgrade every aspect of your life, from your relationships, home, and finances to your environmental footprint. Together, we’ll release the fears, worries, and stress that are weighing you down.

As more and more high-vibrational energy starts to course through your system, you’ll start to embody the radiant, powerful being you truly are—even if that version of you seems really out of reach right now.

You, my love, are meant for greatness. Deep down, you know that to be true. And the world can’t wait any longer for you to level up.


» Design a dream life that reflects your soul’s highest calling

» Harness life-force energy and universal laws to manifest the things you want

» Learn stress management and movement practices that will elevate you on a daily basis

» Cleanse your space, relationships, and finances of all energy leaks

» Shift your mindset around food to a more elevated place

» Deepen your connection to yourself and the universe

» Make a ton of new, like-minded friends as you transform

So how does it all work?

Here’s the lowdown: We (Britt + Tara!) lovingly channeled this workbook from our guides, pulling together all the tools and inspiration you need to clarify your mind, strengthen your body, and make your aura really sparkly and magnetic.

We will act as your mentors, virtually supporting you every step of the way. When you purchase the workbook, you will get a MASSIVE BONUS — our 21-Day Challenge Tool Kit full of resources — COMPLETELY FREE. You will also be able to join us live in our Facebook and Instagram communities throughout the entire journey, where we will be available to answer any questions you have through the process of your transformation. All you need to do is COMMIT.

» 21 days of spiritual teachings that dive deep into mindset, stress management, energetic cleansing, movement, nutrition, connection, and manifesting

» A quick and easy challenge each day that’ll allow you to experience how the day’s concept applies to your life

» Daily journal prompts and questions to track your progress

» Kundalini yoga and meditation tutorials

» Two energizing recipes

» Two self-care rituals

» Astrology and tantric numerology insight

» Elevate the Globe’s 7 Steps to Manifesting guide


» The RELEASE STRESS + DUALITY FOR POSITIVE ENERGY Meditation Video to elevate your vibration, resist stress, trauma, and illness, and balance the brain for a profound effect in 3 minutes!

» POWERFUL MANTRA PLAYLIST to shift negative energy and remove any blocks in your way.

» NON -TOXIC LIFESTYLE GUIDE with a list of our favorite clean products for ourselves and our homes.

» DAILY VIDEOS with Britt and Tara, explaining the concepts and giving guidance and inspiration. (Plus replays!)

» A PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP for questions, support and connection with new high vibe besties!

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We’re Britt Deanda and Tara Schulenberg—co-founders of Elevate the Globe, certified Kundalini yoga and meditation instructors, and healers here to raise consciousness on the planet.

We’re high-vibrational living experts who pair Kundalini yoga with spirituality, astrology, and sustainability, helping people align with their own truth and best way of living.

Our classes, events, retreats, courses, and membership community deliver incredibly transformative results. The transmission of energy we provide ignites people from all walks of life to uplevel and step into their power as happy, healthy, and abundant lightworkers elevating the globe.

What are people saying about Elevate the Globe community
Rachael said,
Thank you so much for these 21 days, I absolutely love the group energy and the beautiful energy that I always feel from the both of you
Zoey said,
Whether it’s the podcast, instagram, or meditations, ETG always helps me raise my vibration every day.
I have experienced such breakthroughs and growth in this challenge. I actually launched my second business, that has begun to bring so much more joy and happiness to my life. Two people in the past two days have told me I am just "glowing" :-) And I did a little new moon ritual the other night and kept getting cool tingles all over my body. I talk about my future and the things I am manifesting. So thank you ladies! This has been life changing, during the most difficult period of my life.
Danielle said,
Elevate the Globe opened up my mind, body, and my spiritual energy to flow with love in all ways.
Meredith said,
Elevate the Globe has inspired me to start a regular Kundalini practice! I love it!
Jill said,
Loved this whole process and am so thankful to have stumbled upon it! ! Learned so much about myself and how to just slow down and be more mindful of everything. Game changer for me for sure...the meditation has been huge and just the general stomach breathing. So much more clarity, calmness and way more confident! Thanks for all of your guidance!!
Jordan Younger, The Balanced Blonde said,
Britt & Tara of ETG are the real deal, you guys. From the kundalini session itself to the kriyas, mantras, soulful conversation, and post-session chat about our spirit guides (Tara saw them, yes, she’s an intuitive goddess human), Jill and I got so much out of the experience. My hugest takeaway was that I was FLOODED (I mean, BEYOND flooded) with creative stimulation and massive inspiration during the session. I was also fighting off tears and huge waves of emotion which wasn’t entirely shocking to me, because I know what I need to work through that’s been sitting on my mind for months (okay, years, but I digress)
Rishma said,
Sat Nam!! I got my workbook in the mail today and just finished the day 1 practice and pages. LOVED what the meditation brought up for me and how my tone toward answering these questions was a lot more eloquent, creative and wise than had I answered such questions before the practice. It's all so powerful because there is such powerful INTENTION from Britt and Tara to start but can you imagine how amazing as we all get in tune with Intending for each other i.e.: elevating the globe!!
Sydney said,
SO much transformation has happened. I received a download after meditating last week about what my life will look like in the next 5 years/what I am meant to pursue (Labor and delivery nursing, solo travel to Cali, Hawaii and Arizona, and getting my yoga teacher certification!). I just went through and did my tantric numerology and am so excited to implement the insights into my daily life! After this challenge, I'm planning on working through Rise Up again or joining 528 - haven't decided yet. But this work is freaking powerful and it has changed my life! Xo
Are you ready?

How is our Elevate Higher 21 Day Challenge Workbook different than our other courses?

The Elevate Higher workbook is filled with bite size concepts for specific areas of your life and offers new and different tools, presented in a different application than any of our other programs. The workbook was created for you to really use your energy to hone in on specific concepts and will give you so much more clarity and understanding on all of the tools we use in our everyday life. This is a workbook with journal prompts and takes you through the process we use again and again to detox our energy field, raise our vibration, and attract wild abundance. This is something you can go back to again and again and will give you an upleveling in your life! It’s also the lowest price program we offer and for only $25 you get $1000 in bonuses! Think of it as a spring cleaning, like the pilates for your spiritual life.

Rise Up is an 8 week course we offer that is focused on the chakras and balancing each chakra within a week period. Rise Up is more of a high level course and is really for those who are committed to the practice and diving deep- kind of like a spiritual bootcamp!

Our 528 Academy is basically like a spiritual gym membership where you change and update the content every month based on the astrological energy of the season. We give our members access to live new moon and full moon classes, a meditation to practice every season, ayurvedic recipes, a book club, all the astrology you need and any astrology updates, and an amazing community to keep you inspired and accountable on the regular.

Best advice if we don’t have Facebook?

We will be connecting on instagram and all of the Bonus toolkit resources will be on a seperate link. You can absolutely do the challenge without facebook but a funny thing is so many people just create a facebook to connect with our group for other programs or use a husband’s/mom’s page to get in on the action but it is not required or needed to participate.


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