A Detroit study took a look at how meditation improved productivity in the workplace. It was found that absenteeism fell by 85%, productivity rose by 120% and injuries dropped by 70%. We feel meditation is a missing piece in many companies and is key in increasing happiness in the workplace overall. It’s a useful tool to align employees to the purpose and soul of your company's mission, reduce burnout, and increase employee retention and creativity.

Our method of blending kundalini meditations, breathwork, kriya movement and mantra needs to be experienced to be fully understood. It is a very effective yogic scientific method to reduce stress and bring calm and creative energy to its practitioners. It is the ancient spiritual practice that transformed the founders of Elevate the Globe and Intune, Britt + Tara’s lives and continues to change thousands of others' state of mental and physical health.

Britt and Tara are cutting-edge entrepreneurs who understand the corporate environment and have a unique teaching style that blends the ancient teachings with the modern world and are able to adjust to any corporate audience to create a fun experience for your team. Discover practices to create more intention and mindfulness in everyday life. Boost your team’s morale, and show appreciation and gratitude with our corporate wellness opportunities.


Investing in employee wellbeing elevates the workspace by prioritizing better sleep, reducing stress and anxiety, and committing to more mindfulness. Chronic diseases and health care costs continue to rise, but a focus on corporate wellbeing can reduce both.

It’s never been more important for business and leaders to prioritize the mental wellbeing of their employees. Intune by Elevate the Globe increases presence to release stress and raise state of consciousness and emotional intelligence. It targets the immune and nervous system for inner and outer strength and capability to handle the ups and downs of life wirth more joy, grace and ease. We are looking forward to partnering with you to be a part of your wellness initiatives.

About Britt & Tara

Elevate the Globe | Intune

We’re Britt Deanda and Tara Schulenberg—co-founders of Elevate the Globe and Intune, certified Kundalini yoga and meditation instructors, reiki practitioners, and healers here to raise consciousness on the planet. Getting their start at leading Fortune 500 Companies, Britt and Tara are passionate about bringing holistic wellbeing to corporate environments, offering a variety of tools and techniques rooted in ancient yogic practices and designed to support people to experience more mindfulness in their everyday life.

Depending on your needs, Britt and Tara are able to provide a diverse range of services on site or in their elevated El Segundo, CA yoga and wellness studio. We also offer group packages to offer access to Studio Intune App for your employees.