GOOD MORNING! How do you start each day? Morning routines have been a major buzz in the wellness world and we crack up every time when we see the joke morning routine videos on TikTok because often the people they’re making fun of are US. No shame! We choose to be the architects of our life, to dream up and create a world of our wildest visions, and we’ve found the most effective and efficient way in becoming a warrior for happiness and love is starting and ending each day in the highest vibration.

We are seeing an awakening all across the masses. And if there’s one thing our guides continue to show us, you were destined to be a part of it.

Do you feel like you’re watching your life go by instead of taking control of the wheel? Have you felt disconnected from your reality? Stuck too far in the past or future? Maybe you’ve experienced intense sadness and trauma, undergone loss, felt burnt out, overwhelmed, and misdirected. In this Age of Aquarius, it’s easy to get swept up in the chaos of modern life - politics, technology, money, relationships and so much more. It’s easy to lose your sense of whole being.

We are here to remind you of your deep connection to your soul and how freaking sparkly, magnetic and EXPANDED you are!

If you’re not happy with how you start and end each day, or want to focus on something specific and uplevel your morning ritual game, we wrote our book Good Morning Intentions to be a transformational tool to help people from all walks of life, races, ages, and locations to heal, grow, and expand closer to their truest, happiest selves through a variety of rituals that resonate and can serve you in your highest capacity.

May this 40-day challenge and book be a catalyst to thrive holistically and be strong and able to handle this evolving and ever-changing planet. To become the light warriors, change-makers, and visionaries for a better future and more awakened souls into the 5D state of consciousness.

When you start each day in the highest vibration available, you’re more able to activate your bliss, find the strength to take care of yourself and others, follow your dreams, and expect miracles.

» Start and end each day in the highest vibrations of love and joy

» Learn stress management and movement practices that will elevate you on a daily basis

» Cleanse your space, relationships, and finances of all energy leaks

» Deepen your connection to yourself and the universe

» Make a ton of new, like-minded friends as you transform


» TICKETS TO THE DIGITAL LAUNCH PARTY! Come hang with Britt + Tara and celebrate the launch of Good Morning Intentions! We’ll meditate, answer some questions, share tips on how to get the most out of this book and whatever else our guides tell us!

» LIVE WEEKLY CHECK-INS AND EMAILS to celebrate your journey, motivate your success and inspire you to live your best.

» GOOD MORNING INTENTIONS RITUAL TRACKER to help keep you committed, share with others and hold you accountable.

» WEEKLY PRIZES from our favorite brands and Elevate The Globe swag for anyone participates by sharing and tagging us in your morning rituals!

» A PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP for questions, support and connection with new high vibe besties!


Here’s the lowdown: We (Britt + Tara!) lovingly channeled this book and that we have poured our hearts and souls into for the past two years, and into the hands of the most people possible to create the most beautiful energetic exchange of love and elevation for the globe, one person at a time!

We will act as your mentors, virtually supporting you every step of the way. When you purchase the book, you will get a MASSIVE BONUS — our Good Morning Intentions 40-Day Ritual Challenge Tool Kit full of resources — COMPLETELY FREE. You will also be able to join us live in our Facebook and Instagram communities throughout the entire journey, where we will be available to answer any questions you have through the process of your transformation. All you need to do is COMMIT.

Get 21 sacred rituals lovingly channeled from our guides and includes some of our favorite practices. We suggest choosing the ritual that you are most called to—the one that you feel is the highest priority for you to work with first—and commit to that for forty days.

Have no clue where to start? You can use the pages like a tarot deck—breathe deep, flip to a page, and then see if that ritual resonates with you.

» Natural Xanax Ritual for reducing fear and anxiety

» Radiant Being Ritual to amplify beauty and your aura

» Addiction Rehab Ritual to heal the addiction urge

» Immune Upgrade Ritual to support your immune system




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To us, this book is part of the revolutionary change to bring the masses into a deeper soulful and spiritual connection with themselves through the creation of a morning ritual and understand the importance of it more than ever.

Just like in the 80’s when exercising took off and more people than ever before were spending time on their bodies and health, we see 2021 as a big time for more people to get on board with working out their mind and starting their day working on their mental health and setting up their day in the best place to be able to release stress, heal and expand their energy and spiritual connection.

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You found us for a reason. You are being called to step into your soul - to find your purpose, to discover your passions and your truth, to follow your bliss and live a life in your highest expansion.

In Good Morning Intentions, us (Britt + Tara) guide you through 25 rituals to help you make each morning really matter, setting you up for daily success. In this easy-to-use and accessible guide, you’ll find a powerful blend of energy-boosting exercises, breathwork, simple meditations, and intention-setting practices—rather than complex yoga postures—to help you start your day with a deep sense of joy, vitality, and radiance.

You can go through each page and ritual from cover to cover with us for 40 days or you can use these pages like a tarot deck—breathe deep, flip to a page, and then see if that ritual resonates with you.

If you’re ready to align your life with a higher purpose, increase your motivation, and reach your highest goals, make this book a part of your daily ritual.

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We’re Britt Deanda and Tara Schulenberg—co-founders of Elevate the Globe, certified Kundalini yoga and meditation instructors, and healers here to raise consciousness on the planet.

We’re high-vibrational living experts who pair Kundalini yoga with spirituality, astrology, and sustainability, helping people align with their own truth and best way of living.

Our classes, events, retreats, courses, and membership community deliver incredibly transformative results. The transmission of energy we provide ignites people from all walks of life to uplevel and step into their power as happy, healthy, and abundant lightworkers elevating the globe.

What are people saying about Elevate the Globe community
Zoey said,
Whether it’s the podcast, instagram, or meditations, ETG always helps me raise my vibration every day.
Jill said,
Loved this whole process and am so thankful to have stumbled upon it! ! Learned so much about myself and how to just slow down and be more mindful of everything. Game changer for me for sure...the meditation has been huge and just the general stomach breathing. So much more clarity, calmness and way more confident! Thanks for all of your guidance!!
Sydney said,
SO much transformation has happened. I received a download after meditating last week about what my life will look like in the next 5 years/what I am meant to pursue (Labor and delivery nursing, solo travel to Cali, Hawaii and Arizona, and getting my yoga teacher certification!). I just went through and did my tantric numerology and am so excited to implement the insights into my daily life! After this challenge, I'm planning on working through Rise Up again or joining 528 - haven't decided yet. But this work is freaking powerful and it has changed my life! Xo
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