Have you ever walked away from talking to a friend who was upset or feeling low, and you could feel their emotions so deeply that you left feeling upset and feeling low and you didn't understand why? 

If so, it happens and it's totally normal! What that means is that you likely took on your friend's upset energy into your own aura. Most of us experience this at some point in our lives, but let's talk about how we can prevent taking on other's feelings (energy) while still showing up for life. 

What happens when we raise our vibration and are vibrating higher with the cosmos is that our awareness becomes heightened. We start to notice more around us, the syncrocities, how every little thing that happens in our reality is pieced together, is connected. Your awareness just rises to another level. 

We start to see how situations make us really feel, deep down in our bones, how our friendships and relationships make us feel and if our energy is lifted or depleted after talking to people or leaving a situation. That also means that some of us feel more connected to the universe, to our higher selves but also to spirits. This can be very welcome by some and alarming to others. As you vibrate higher, your light shines brighter and naturally people and spirits will be more attracted to you. So we need to learn how to proect our energy so we can retain as much of our own energy as possible and not take on anyone else's. 

That’s not to say that by protecting your energy, you can’t connect with others, but there are ways to show up for your friends, family, lovers, co-workers, everyone in life so that when you leave a situation, you leave with your energy and the other person leaves with theirs. So we've broken down protecting your energy into the three categories below:

1. How to protect your energy when interacting with others

2. How to protect your energy when interacting with spirits

3. What to do if you’ve already picked up another person’s energy and how to clear it 

Check out our video on protection below and on YouTube here


Here are the resources we talk about in the video:

1. Gabby Bernstein's prayer to clear energy from others: "Thank you, guidance of the highest truth and compassion, for removing any energy I may have picked up and retrieving any energy I may have lost."

2. Here is the link from our Spotify playlist with one of our favorite versions of the protection mantra - Aad Guray Nameh (Protection) by Snatam Kaur.

P.S.- Let us know how these work for you by leaving any comments + questions in the comment section. What are other ways you protect your energy? Are you sensitive to energy and have you ever felt like you were taking on other peoples, spirits energy? We want to know!!