We like to think we’ve perfected the art of wearing aura-strengthening, fashionable and comfy yogic clothing that you find in all our videos and on social media because it helps us to feel elevated and confident. Our energy is affected by what we surround ourselves with, who we interact with, what we eat, the products we use and what we wear. In order to live high vibe and live consciously, we must become mindful consumers and wear clothing with a purpose. It goes back to your why. Why do you wear the clothes you wear? We wear yogic clothing that is functional, comfortable and most of all, attracts in more of the higher vibrational energy we work to align with every day!

Conscious consumerism is a lot more than buying groceries at local farmer’s markets and non-toxic beauty products. In all the ways to be an environmentally conscious shopper, fashion and clothing are a bit harder to take up. The clothing industry has a more complicated and not so transparent supply chain making it more difficult for consumers to recognize the impact of their clothing but toxins and chemicals can be found in the dyes and the treatment of different textiles. Becoming aware of where your clothing comes from and how it’s made creates clothing with a purpose and makes a larger impact much more than you may realize.

Consciously created and designed clothing brands can positively influence how we shop and leaves us feeling elevated and inspired.

Your clothes tell the story of who you are as a person and the energy within you. Your clothing can either enhance your energy or deplete it. When you’re meditating or in a Kundalini class, having clothing that attracts in high vibrational energy and works with your body is so, so important. We choose clothes that purposefully elevate us, do their part to help the environment and complement our unique bodies.

Yogi Bhajan taught us that wearing white expands our auric radiance and makes it strong. Wearing white also creates a powerful connection between you and your surroundings. The color white contains the light energy of all the colors so by wearing white, all the colors of the chakras and the aura are available to you to support and enhance.  

"We adopted this color because of our background and to support our development. We ask you to wear white so that you will reflect what is outside and go within yourself—that’s what white clothes can do for you." - Yogi Bhajan

Wearing consciously sourced, white yogic clothing is also meditative in itself. It takes more mindfulness to shop, care for and clean this type of clothing than others. Lighter clothing is more balancing and heart-opening. It's believed to strengthen your true identity and acts as a filter for negative influences from everything around you. It's your own personal physical shield.

The natural fibers found in natural and eco-conscious yogic clothing also act as energy conduits. The fibers interact with your surroundings to conduct pranic energy inward and filter out negative or chaotic energy.

Here are some of our all-time favorite clothing brands for Kundalini, meditation and a lifestyle on the go:

Sienna Moon

Jen’s Pirate Booty (tunics, flowing bottoms, jumpsuits)


Spell by Byron Bay

The Join Life line by Zara (eco-conscious practices!)

Athleta (also sustainable!)

Kundalini Gown (our good friend, Myrah Penaloza owns the line)

Natural and eco-conscious clothing doesn’t have to be all earth tones. Kundalini clothing doesn’t have to be all turbans and robes. You can find yogic clothing that enhances your highest self and attracts high vibrational energy while still allowing you to uplevel and shift into a higher level of consciousness. Look and feel good in what you wear because that’s who you are. Your clothing is a projection of your purest and highest self. Show it off.

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  Our Elevated Mastermind programs starts this Friday, 4/19 timed perfectly to the Libra Full Moon! This is the only time we'll be offering this program in 2019 so if you've felt called to pursue your passions and your purpose in more ways than ever dreamt we encourage you to save a spot HERE! Discovering and creating a prosperous career as a Lightworker goes much deeper than what you eat, absorb and wear (though it's a great place to start). We've shared all our secrets and hacks from succeeding in a high vibe business because the planet needs more people like you to pursue their soul mission.

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