Hi Love,

I used to literally be the opposite of a morning person, but with a few tweaks I am now excited to get up for my morning routine and I love the way I start out my day now. For a while I was fascinated by morning routines and studied how I can improve mine to set myself up for the best day possible. Through a lot of reading, trial and error I came up with this amazing method that works wonders.

I have been waking up about an hour earlier and doing this routine that has a morning meditation and yoga practice for almost 4 years now, that I can say from my experience has made a world of change in my life. I call it “11 Minutes to Bliss.” Now I honestly don’t trust myself going out into the world without it haha

11 Minutes to Bliss Morning Routine

  1. 2 Minute of Gratitude and Prayer– I think of 5 things I’m thankful for and thank the universe for having me back on the planet for another day. I pray for help with anything I need and ask to be guided in alignment with my purpose.
  2. 2 Minutes of Stretching– I do the following stretches before I get out of bed. // Stretch hands over head and stretch your hands and legs in opposite directions, then circle your ankles and wrists. //Cat Stretch- Bring your knees to one side, looking to the opposite direction with your arm stretched out and then switching to the other side.
  3. 4 Minutes of Tuning in and Yoga Postures– check out my video tutorial for tuning in here and my video with great warm ups here.
  4. 3 minutes of Meditation– I do at least 3 minutes of meditation each morning. If you want some guidance and haven’t downloaded my free audio meditation you can get it below by putting in your email in the box!

In addition to this here are some other things I do that get me ready for an amazing day!

  • Dry- brushing– I use a dry brush to exfoliate my skin before I get in the shower. I use this one and you can learn more about the benefits here.
  • Tea– I drink different Yogi Tea’s each morning with lemon and ginger to help with digestion and metabolism. If you drink coffee try adding chlorophyll to neutralize the acidity- hear its amazing but I can’t drink coffee because I have way to much energy as it is and it makes me crazyyyy!!! I put my lemon, ginger ice cubes in there to help with digestion and all the other benefits they give- get the details on how to make them here.
  • Moisturize Naturally– After my shower I use coconut oil to moisturize and keep my skin moisturized and feeling great!
  • Nourish– I typically make either a smoothie and avocado toast or an oatmeal bliss bowl with steel cut oatmeal, blackberries, blueberries or raspberries and coconut.
  • Take Probiotics and Folate- You have to be super careful about vitamins because synthetic vitamins are proven to cause cancer and other health issues. I take this folate and this probiotic. I have done so much research and these are recommended by the holistic Dr. I see as well. Do not take Folic Acid, make sure it is Folate. Probiotics help with digestion and gut health and folate helps with odd, memory, circulation and well being.
  • QT with my Fam– If we have time my husband and I take our dog Iris for a walk- its so nice to spend time together before work and if we can get outside to meditate (a lot of times we meditate on the porch) or for a walk it’s so amazing to feel the sun and fresh air to get your going!

I hope this helps give you some ideas to make your mornings amazing and to set yourself up for a glorious day! Let me know what you think and if you try it let me know how it goes for you!