Hi Loves!

Today's vlog is all about being grounded and why we need to stay grounded especially when we are living the High Vibe Livin lifestyle. 

Being grounded means you are in the now, living in the moment, present with your breath and in your body. It's a very high vibe practice that is essential to being able to raise our vibration and attract the positive high emotions we want to feel like joy, happiness, freedom, and enlightenment and be able to stay there. 

We have heard a few times people say that if you are high vibe it means you aren’t grounded, but it's actually just the opposite. The more grounded you are, the higher the vibrations you can attract and the higher you can vibrate from. Meaning, when you raise your vibration you need to equally be rooted into the Earth or you'll be like a top heavy tree with shallow roots and topple over. With that same analogy, the deeper your roots, the higher you will be able to rise! 

Being grounded also helps keep you committed to your path and allows you to put into action what you see in your higher energy centers (like visions, messages, ideas, changelings, etc).

Check out our YouTube video where we explain ways to create daily grounding practices and more about why it's so important to us to do the things we've outlined below. Make sure to subscribe to our channel so you get notified when we release new videos! 

 Here are our tips listed out for you as well:

1. Eat foods that come from the ground like beets and carrots. Salty foods will help you stay grounded and we recommend sea salt and Himalayan pink salt. Sweets are more yin are therefore more feminine so just another reason to stay away from processed sugars!

2. Contract your pelvic region (your root chakra) and visualize a red square at the base of your spine.

3. Consciously feel your feet on the ground and practice grounding (or "Earthing") where you walk barefoot on sand, grass, or stone daily or at least weekly. 

4. Meditate with the tip of the tongue at the back of the teeth and the floor of your mouth.

5. Don't sit with your feet elevated at your desk or in general. You want to have your feet on the floor and be grounded. 

6. Use Earthy smells in your home like woods and leaves or take a walk outside in nature. 

7. Do meditations for the root chakra- we have a full root chakra class in RISE UP: A Course in High Vibrational Living

8. Grounding exercise: Stand up and imagine yourself as a big tree with wide and deep roots, solidly rooted in the earth. Imagine roots coming out of your feet and rooting into the ground. Your roots are so deep and your branches are reaching towards the heavens. 

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