Hi loves! We’re about to hit you with some major energy tips to help find balance as we gear up for our 8 week online course, RISE UP! As we continue to work on elevating our frequencies to higher vibrations, it also means living at a more aligned level of balance from root to tip within our bodies.

In order to keep your energy balanced with your true self, the first step is reaching balance in your chakras. If your chakras are under- or over- active then you run into issues physically, emotionally and mentally.

If you are new to chakras, they are the major energy centers in our body where the most nerves come together and where the largest organs and energy resides. If they are not in balance, it negatively affects the functions of our organs, immune and nervous system, and the overall functioning of our brains and our emotions causing emotional issues like depression and worry to physical issues like digestive issues, skin problems like acne/eczema to more serious diseases. On the positive side, a balanced chakra system gives us optimal health and allows us to thrive and fulfill our purpose and do really positive incredible things in the world. 

Our emotions are another word for vibration (or frequency) and they are measured in hertz. Depending on what vibration you are at determines how you feel and what you attract and repel in or out of your life from opportunities, people, money/things, experiences. etc so this is the bases of why we do a lot of work and use all the tools we teach to raise our vibration on the daily! 

Chakras truly are a touchstone for harnessing and nurturing positive energy, which can have an immediate effect on your life. Understanding the alignment of your chakras and noticing when each is out of balance is a tool in reaching high vibe potential and is the foundation of Kundalini yoga and how we elevate ourselves + the globe.

“Whenever you meditate, you find that scintillating energy flowing all over your being. That is what Kundalini is. The awakening of Kundalini energy happens very naturally through proper guidance.” - Guru Ravi Shankar

Powerful stuff, right? The first step is knowing when your chakras are out of balance. It all begins at the foundation or your lower triangle where the first three chakras exist; so we wanted to share signs your lower triangle is completely out of balance.

3 signs your root chakra is out of whack

The first chakra is connected to your security + survival and sits at the base of your spine, hence the acronym, root chakra. Your root chakra centers your foundation for your entire being and brings in the sense of self-acceptance. When you’re aligned with your root chakra, you feel grounded + supported; you feel an overall sense of connection to the physical world, and will see a boost in your overall health and spiritual awakening.

- Physically, you may feel discomfort in your legs from pain or an unusual stiffness. You may also experience issues with your digestion including an overactive bladder and constipation.

- Mentally, you’ll have a lot of trouble with change and feel concerned with all sorts of insecurities, money and stability. The second you’re worried about your next paycheck or begin obsessing over money (potentially keeping you stuck in a job you hate) you know  your root chakra is overactive.

- Emotionally, you’ll have a short temper and experience heavy restlessness, anxiety, nightmares, and trouble trusting anyone. Eating disorders are associated with the root chakra and clinging to security, food, loved ones, or routines because of a lack of trust or from past abandonment are all signs your root is out of balance. You no longer feel grounded with this Earth.

3 signs your your sacral chakra is unbalanced

The second chakra or sacral chakra sits below your naval in the belly of your sex organs and drives our need for desire, creativity and passion. This is SO important! So often this chakra is ignored due to shame + discomfort in confronting our sensuality. Be strong in who you are! You’re powerful goddesses, own your magic.

- The strongest physical indicator is experiencing sexual or reproductive issues. Ever have an UTI? Hip, pelvic or lower back pain? It’s time to realign, babe.

- Emotional imbalances can include an inability to commit to a relationship or express your emotions. Maybe you’re unable to give in to your pleasures + desires because of an internal block.

- An excessive sacral chakra is triggered mentally by addictions or easily giving in to temptation and lust. This could cause you major harm if you let yourself get caught up in the excessive energy of this chakra.

3 signs your imbalanced in your solar plexus

The third chakra is all about your transformation. The third chakra or solar plexus sits right above your navel and is connected to your sense of will power + commitment. Your grit. When this chakra is balanced we feel confident and in control. Complete and total boss babes.

- Physically, you may be experiencing belly issues or chronic fatigue. Because this chakra is in tune with your nervous system, a sign of imbalance may be blood sugar issues or passivity.

- Emotionally, you may be feeling a low self-esteem or narcissism. The inner critic inside you may be on full blast. An overactive solar plexus may cause an excessive need for control + perfection.

- A good sign your third chakra is out of balance is when you easily succumb to procrastination and you’re overcome by the fear of rejection or criticism. If you’re having trouble taking inspired action with that idea you’ve had forever or something you know want to do, it’s time to balance the solar plexus!

Beginning to balance yourself in your lower triangle can help cultivate clean energy flow and heal a lot of the ROOT issues that cause the feelings of not feeling secure. The chakra mind-body balance is all connected: if there are certain fears and emotions we are holding on to, then we also experience physical restrictions.

At ETG, we balance our chakras in many ways by tuning in to balance the difference frequencies of each and doing powerful energy work with Kundalini yoga and meditation to create change on a cellular level, shifting the vibration of cells to work together in harmony vs being imbalanced.

Meditation is one of the best tools we can use to restore chakra balance. Not only does it give you connection to the spiritual plane, giving us the trust and security our lower chakras need to thrive, but it also grounds us (which is the key to abundance!). Instilling a daily meditation practice first thing in the morning is one of the most powerful things we can give our lower chakras. Whether you are brand new to meditating or have being doing it for years, our course RISE UP sets you up for success with a daily meditation practice with specific, powerful ancient kriyas, poses and meditations to balance each chakra. Kundalini is potent and works the fastest of all yogas to correct these imbalances and release blocks keeping you stuck with the lower vibrational energy attached to an imbalanced lower triangle.

A great way to get started is to start with three minutes and just breath long and deep in and out of your nose, focusing on your breath! When you inhale, expand your stomach out, and when you exhale sitting up with a straight spine. Doing this (even in bed is fine) every day, will allows you to connect to your truth, slow down your system to reduce stress, become more present and get in the energy of a consistent practice. 

For the lower triangle, we also like to listen to ancient high vibrational sacred Kundalini sound mantras while we sleep for grounding...yes you can literally balance your chakras in your sleep!  The sound creates vibrations in your body that inspire change in our habitual thought patterns and cleanses the subconscious. As part of RISE UP, we go over specific mantras that are MOST powerful for each chakra and we also use mantras as a part of our morning practice (like our favorite one for prosperity!). 

A great one to start with is SA TA NA MA, which clears the subconscious and breaks addictions and helps to enhance brain function and has actually been proven to help patients with Alzheimer's- check out more about that here!  

Adjusting your diet and incorporating grounding foods, make a big difference to balance this lower triangle as well. Some great foods to add in more are carrots, beets, potatoes, strawberries, flaxseed, and cinnamon to assist the lower energy centers and organs for optimal function. In RISE UP, we have juice recipes for each chakra and have a full meal plan to assist you in aligning and balancing in a transformative holistic approach! Here are some great plant based recipes we have on our blog (from the chef Elizabeth Lim who helped us create our meal plan!) to check out for some inspo. 

Connecting with your higher self means aligning with your true self in being well and happy so you can thrive in this Aquarian Age. To thrive and pursue your passions + purpose, it’s essential to get your lower chakras in balance so you can feel secure and have your basic needs met physically, mentally and emotionally because you deserve it and we need more happy people elevating the globe!

Over the next week we will go up the chakra system so you can identity if your other chakras are out of balance as well so look out for the next blog posts on the Heart Chakra, the Upper Triangle, and the Aura We'll share the imbalances and more tips on how to balance to release blocks physically, mentally, and energetically coming up in your inbox for all of them!!!

If your into chakras and haven't seen, we wanted to also share...


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What tools + techniques do you use to help keep your lower triangle in check? What did you identify was out of balance? Share with us below or connect with us on Instagram!