You have probably heard countless times about how good it is to drink warm lemon and ginger water in the morning. After a deep dive researching this miracle tonic, my conclusion is, it is actually all it’s cracked up to be and not just another wellness trend. It is definitely something that is extremely recommended because not only is it incredibly alkalizing, it’s easy to do, affordable and helps your digestive system and skin in amazing ways.

Dr. Promaulayko a highly respected doctor spoke more about the details of what lemon water does for our bodies- “There are some health benefits and one of them is aiding in digestion. It actually slows the absorption of food, which sounds counterintuitive to helping digestion, but what it does is give your body time to break down that food and take the nutrients that it needs from it. It’s absolutely legit. Drinking lemon water aids in digestion [and] it boosts your Vitamin C levels. The Vitamin C is great for your skin. It’s immunity boosting so you’re getting double the profit and it helps your body break down so you can derive more nutrients out of it.”

Here are some other key proven benefits:

  1. Boosts the Immune System
  2. Anti-Inflammatory
  3. Promotes Weight Loss and Boosts Metabolism
  4. Promotes Healthy Skin and Hair
  5. Disease Fighter

If you are like me and want your morning routine to be easy and efficient, you will love this health hack! I took the lemon/ginger water craze a step further, to make it something I can really commit to doing every morning and made lemon, ginger ice cubes! I can make them ahead of time and then easily drop into warm water or tea and be done! I mean who has time to juice lemon and ginger every morning?

Here’s what you need:

6 Organic Lemons

1 inch piece of Organic Ginger

Ice Cube Tray- I got this one on Amazon because you want the ice cubes to be smaller and I like having the lid so it doesn’t spill and stays fresh

Directions: Juice the lemon and ginger and fill up the ice cube trays only about half of the square full. You might be able to do 1 1/2 or 2 trays full depending on the size!

It’s that easy! I prepare these on Sunday evenings and then you have them ready to go for the week.

Let me know if you will try this health hack and what you think of it!!