Over here flowing through the week with the potent energy that greeted us from this past weekend’s Full Moon in Leo and Total Lunar Eclipse - the only one in 2019! The Super Blood Wolf Moon on Sunday evening was a powerful one and you’ll be able to feel it’s energy well into the week. Take advantage, loves and take time to ground yourself in meditation and channel the higher vibrations for connecting and welcoming in your true SELF.

This moon brought with it a challenge to acknowledge and confront yourself especially in anything that is holding your back - stubbornness, fear, limiting beliefs and pride. The Full Moon has given you the courage to stand in front of the limiting parts of yourself, thank it and shine your love into it to set it free from you.

Photo by @michschoe

We officially welcomed in Aquarius season this week and with it all new content for our 528 Academy. Did you know it’s officially been one year since we launched 538?? We’re so honored to share space in this community with you and so honored to see you, know you and love you. Let’s continue to work on channeling our light and elevating ourselves so we can go out raise the vibration of our planet.

This season is all about liberation from the conventional way of doing, thinking and being. Embrace the uniqueness in YOU and cast it out into the world. This season we explore our greatest natural resource in the world - the mind. Aquarius is deeply connected with neuroscience and the mind, so take advantage this season and expand your knowledge, flex your creativity, and dedicate time for your spiritual practice to shift into the higher vibrations and take hold of your subconscious mind to bring your desires into reality. In 528, we have a brand new meditation for refreshing the mind and just released 2 beautiful Kundalini classes from our trip to Bali. Sign up here!

Kriya for Balancing the Aura

Today, we wanted to share an amazing kriya for balancing the Aura - so, so good! Harnessing the energy of this past Full Moon and using this kriya to build a strong + balanced energy field around you will help keep you healthy and protect you from any negative energy you meet this week.

The following set also helps to build your physical energy and stamina - perfect for building up energy and high vibrations to build a strong Aura. Rhythmically, it works to move energy from the Third Chakra to the Eight Chakra and back, connecting and building all the chakras to produce vibrant and radiant energy in the Aura. The more your Aura expands and strengthens the more blissful and abundant this kriya becomes. Practicing it during major energy shifts like the start of a new season or during a New Moon and Full Moon is a great way to sync your energy with the universe and E X P A N D.

1. Sit in Easy Pose. Bend the elbows out to the sides at shoulder level and slightly cross the hands in front of the eyes. Spread the fingers wide. Then move your upper arms from the elbow, bringing the hand slightly out to the side and back again. The upper arms will be parallel to the floor. Continue this motion rapidly and forcefully for 3 minutes.

2. Stand up and move into Archer Pose (Akarna Dhanurasana) - the right leg bent forward so the knee is over the toes. The left leg is straight back with the foot flat on the ground at a 45° angle to the front foot. Raise the right arm straight in front, parallel to the ground and make a fist, with the thumb point up as if you were holding a bow. Pull the left arm back as if pulling the bowstring. Face forward with eyes fixed on the horizon. From this pose begin bending the right knee so the body drops down and then comes back up. Continue this motion powerfully and rhythmically for 2 minutes Switch sides and continue for 2 more minutes. Switch sides and continue for 30 seconds.

3. Come into Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana). From there, rise up into Downward-Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana), supporting yourself on your palms and toes of your feet, with your body forming straight lines. Then return back to Cobra. Alternate movements at a rhythmic speed for 5 minutes. Remember to breathe - inhale to Cobra and exhale to Down Dog.

4. Return to Easy Pose with a straight spine. For the last posture of this Kriya is the Wahe Guru Jio meditation. When you hear Wahe Guru or Wahe Jio, pull in the muscles on your lower chakras then relax and meditate on the words in between. When you hear, Toohee, take one powerful Breath of Fire in and out. Continue for at least one cycle of the meditation (est. 14 min.).

Relax and breathe in the newfound balance and strength of your Aura. Go out and spread a little love today!

Did you try this kriya? Let us know how it made you feel in the comments below! Don’t forget to sign up for our 5 Day RAISE YOUR VIBRATION CHALLENGE! You have until Jan. 27th to sign up!!