Cupping was one of those things that kept coming up for us (we’ve really been dying to try it!) so we we’re so excited to check out The Spa on Rodeo in Beverly Hills last week. Britt has a mild form of TMJ (teeth grinding at night) and wanted to get rid of it and found cupping as a remedy on a “natural TMJ remedies” google search. Then our friend Jordan of The Balanced Blonde was telling us about her cupping experience, and Tara has been on a cleansing spree and is always into releasing toxins. So you can see it was pretty much a no brainer to check out.

We went into it very open and pretty clueless about what we were getting into. We just wanted to learn, have the experience and then decide what we thought! Long story short, we were more than impressed and are now kind of OBSESSED, so we wanted to share more about it with you guys! We think it’s something that not enough people know about, and can really help with all sorts of issues in a powerful way…not to mention it is a great way to raise your vibration! This falls into our Self-Love and Care Pillar and you can read more about our 6 Pillars to Live the High Vibe Life here.

Here is a little bit more about it from The Spa on Rodeo:

The practice of Cupping as an alternative medicine dates back as early as ancient Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern cultures. The use of cups allows for the stretching and opening of muscle tissue. This lifting creates space to drain toxins from the cells and remove waste through the lymphatic system. Our therapist said one cupping session is equivalent to getting three deep tissue massages! But it’s so much less invasive because you’re not deeply massaging the muscles and potentially bruising them to get deep rooted toxins to lift to the surface.

Benefits of cupping therapy include increased circulation, elimination of stagnant blood, sedation of the nervous system, stimulation of the digestive system, and removal of lactic acids and toxins from the muscles. Additionally, cupping is also effective against depression, lethargy, anxiety, body aches, high blood pressure, and chronic joint conditions.

Often you see people with very dark circle marks on their backs after a session and they are mistaken for bruises. It’s actually just blood that’s been brought to the surface - there is bruising or damage to the muscle or tissue. Definitely was an ah-ha moment for us!

Here’s a little more about our experience:

Britt- “ It's not recommended to do cupping while breastfeeding (been breastfeeding now for 12 months!!) so I did the cupping facial. It was perfect because I have been wanting to work on releasing tension in my jaw and haven't gotten as many facials lately and I loved it. When she did one side first, literally my eyebrow on one side was higher after the treatment- it was very lifting and also very relaxing. It helped my jaw feel way more relaxed and less tense in a big way. My skin was glowing and had that dewy look after and there were less fine lines right away after one treatment. She suggested to do it at least once a week for at least 3 weeks and then maintenance or whenever you want it after but I was very impressed at the results right after just doing it once. Need a babysitter to go more...any takers haha?! She said for older people the results are even more dramatic too but it was awesome for me. The pedicure was a little slice of heaven and the best one I’ve ever gotten hands down.”  

Tara- “I’ve always wanted to try cupping, especially being on a cleansing spree these days. I love anything that’s cleansing for the body and after hearing from the therapist that the darker circles left on your back = the more toxins living in your body. I mean, challenge most definitely accepted! She placed 14 magnetic cups across my back (looks a little wild, I know) but it was really relaxing and felt great actually! The cups stay on for about 25 minutes and while I didn’t end up with dark marks at all (gave myself some internal high fives for that one!), there was definitely a point during the session that I felt a little nauseous and I could pinpoint that it was coming from my neck where I have a ton of tension. I could feel toxins being released into my blood, so we backed off a bit and at the very end the therapist moved all of the toxins toward my lymph system to drain from the body. I have been off meat and dairy for 4 months now and she said that could be a major reason for the lower amount of toxins. She also placed some cups on both of my IT bands and I swear I got up and felt lighter than a feather! My back which is also always tense, like always, felt so much more open and more relaxed and I felt more alive honestly. Toxins begone and blood was flowing to places it hadn’t been before!”


Here are the descriptions of the treatments:

We both got the classic pedicure.

Signature Healing Foot Soaks

At The Spa on Rodeo, we believe wellness begins from the ground up. Herbal soaking is distinctly effective and beneficial to overall health. Soaks are prepared in our natural copper basins. Raw copper has been known to promote positive energy flow, increase circulation, and decrease inflammation. Copper is also naturally antimicrobial- making it a prime alternative to the traditional jetted foot spa.

Our healing foot soaks are infused with detoxifying chlorophyll and soothing coconut milk to soften the skin. Choose from an uplifting aromatherapy blend of eucalyptus and lemongrass to reignite the senses, or a calming combination of chamomile and lavender to relax and sooth the soul.

Tara got this Dynamic Detox Cupping Treatment:

Over the years, toxins from the environment, processed foods, and chemical additives, accumulate in our blood, tissues, and muscles. Detox cupping helps to drain excess fluid, loosen adhesions, and encourage blood flow to stagnant tissues to discharge waste. Circulation is increased and harmful toxins are eliminated through the lymphatic system.

Britt got the Facial Cupping Rejuvenation:

Facial cupping helps to rejuvenate and maintain a youthful appearance without the use of painful injections. Small cups vacuum and lift facial tissue to increase circulation, plump fine lines, and smooth wrinkles. Facial cupping can also be used alternatively to relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of TMJ, sinus infection, or inflammation.

The place was super chill, beautiful, very high vibe, and everyone was so friendly and relaxed and we loved the energy there. Perfect for a girls day or alone for some of our always needed self-love and care!

Comment below with any questions you have and let us know if you have tried this or any other awesome self-love and care practices lately!

Nothing but Love,


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