Today one of my dearest friends (from middle school!!!), astrologer and one of my high vibe sisters, Tara Schulenberg is our guest blogger and is sharing with us all about this morning's new moon and how to harness the super creative energy it brings....seriously obsessed with this info and I know you will love it too. Check out her cosmic wisdom here....

Sagittarius season is here and swoops right in with a glittering, creative and passionate new moon, occurred this morning at 4:18am PST.

New moons are all about new beginnings and fresh starts on all fronts. It’s the perfect time to set intentions, lay groundwork, and begin new projects that you want to see manifest in the coming six months. New moons have a six month link to their corresponding full moon in the same sign. So the seeds you plant today will be harvested at the Sagittarius full moon on June 9, 2017.

Some of you may remember the last new moon in October was in intense and introspective Scorpio. We were called to go deep within ourselves and illuminate those skeletons we’ve tucked away, those things we don’t want to deal with and well, deal with them. It was about letting things go, but with exciting Sagittarius swooping in we’re called to re-emerge from this introspection, look forward into the light, and focus on living in the moment. Ah, relief!

This new moon Sagittarius energy is going to be super fun! It’s energizing, creative, passionate, and most of all it’s a visionary sign. Ruled by the Archer, Sagittarius is interested in adventure, travel and truth-seeking. It’s a philosophical and naturally curious sign that rules higher learning, so you’ll always find them searching for their next adventure to expand and deepen their knowledge. Sag is ruled by fire which symbolizes passion and enthusiasm. Fire signs are the leaders of the zodiac and provide us with inspiration, motivation, and much needed creative energy.

(LaPalme Magazine)

The energy available to us at this time is really going to fuel our creativity and push us towards expressing it outwardly, but in a tangible way. You may feel compelled to take a pottery class, take up photography, or even get creative with your words and take a speech writing class. It doesn’t matter what it is, it’s just about expressing your creativity in some tangible way.

The new moon also occurs right on top of the midheaven which in astrology has to do with career and life purpose. So whatever ideas we have and whatever we’re creating during this time has the ability to really affect our long term future, our careers, or help us find our true life purpose and path. It will have a lasting effect on our lives. This is an ideal time for people who have been struggling with uncertainty or having trouble with career direction. It’s a great time to harness your creativity to help guide you.

Being a Libra and a lover of relationships, I’m all about the romance! And this new moon is supercharged for romance and love for all signs. There is going to be a lot of soulmate energy around this new moon so pay attention if you’re single. Listen to your intuition and get out there and mingle. If you’re already attached, this energy will help strengthen your bond. It may shed light on things that aren’t working and push you to resolve those issues, forging an even stronger bond as a result. There will likely be a lot of people around the world making soulmate connections during this time which we absolutely love. Soulmate romantic relationships and friendship connections serve to help us grow, they shed light on what we need to work on, they awaken our souls and raise our vibrations. So get ready and get excited!

This new moon is really going to feel good for all of us! Especially if you tune into it. Warning - it’s definitely not going to feel peaceful though because of all this fiery energy. On the flip side it could generate some feelings of anger, rage or frustration and could have some of us feeling intense emotions. If you’re not in a good spot personally and you’re not feeling great, that’s okay. Whatever is going on in life is exactly what you’re meant to be working with. So don’t shy away from your own feelings. Mantra with me - “I am supported. Everything is exactly as it should be.” Use whatever you’re feeling and channel it into a creative expression!

The exciting new moon energy is most potent for the next two days so make sure to get those seeds of intention planted. We like to write out what we want to work on and manifest on a pretty piece of paper, fold it up, and put in a safe place where it can stay until the corresponding Sagittarius full moon in six months. You can then open it up and see just how far you’ve come!

Sending love and light to you all! Happy New Moon!


Tara Schulenberg is an astrologer, world traveler, and Kundalini yogi. She is passionate about sharing her wisdom to inspire others to connect with their inner guides and exercise their power to create the highest version of themselves. She is now part of our high vibe tribe!

Lmk- Write your new moon intentions in the comments below! When you share them and write them down you give them more power!!!