There are certain mantras and meditations that can bring more energy of abundance and prosperity into our lives and I am telling you this from experience, they are powerful and they work! When we talk about prosperity, it means in all areas of your life- relationships, health, financially, emotionally and more. There are a few different Kundalini prosperity meditations but the one I’m sharing today is the Lotus Prayer for Prosperity and Projection to Victory. It’s super easy and if you practice this every morning for 40 days you will start to notice huge shifts in your levels of prosperity so I wanted to share it with you guys!

Here are the written instructions for the Lotus Prayer for Prosperity & Projection to Victory and you can reference the picture above for hand placement you start in!

“Here is a meditation that will allow us to listen, prosper and project unto Victory from whatever we are challenged by.” ~GuruPrem Singh

Mudra (HAND PLACEMENT): Sit in easy post with a straight spine. Bend the elbows down into the sides of the body. Bring the hands in front of the heart center, palms facing one another, with the fingers pointing up towards the ceiling. Spread the fingers wide apart. Make your hands into a lotus in front of your heart center by bringing together and touching the pinkies and the sides of the pads of the thumbs, and the base of the palms. The other fingers will be kept apart, and curved slightly to form lotus petals.

Movement: Keeping the mudra with the fingers pointing up, begin gliding your arms up in a straight line, until your hands are a little above and a little in front of your head. Then in a continuous movement, without an abrupt stop, glide them back down to the starting position. Continue this movement.

Mantra: Listen to “Prosperity Hymn” for 15 minutes and go into a deep prayer. Then listen to “Instrumental Dhuni” for 6 minutes.

Breath: In and out through your nose with your mouth closed.

  • Note you can cut down the times in half (make sure to cut both parts in half if you do this) to start out and work your way up to these times but you continue the movement the whole time!

To end: Inhale, exhale, relax.

Kundalini Yoga and meditations train our minds scientifically to get through difficult things (on and off your mat) with grace so if it is difficult for you at first don’t worry! Don’t get frustrated and push through it by focusing on your breath and it will get easier and you will start to notice the benefits!

About 3 years ago I did this meditation (and another prosperity meditation I will teach soon) for 40 days and not too long after that is when my relationship with my husband (boyfriend at the time) started blossoming in new amazing ways, I started changing my habits to less destructive and healthier ones and starting feeling much better, more than doubled my income, and really started feeling a lot of love for myself and a lot of prosperity in my life. I’m telling you this because I hope it inspires you to know that it is possible to change anything you want in your life. Energy is the currency of the universe and when you raise the vibration of your energy though these ancient techniques you will vibrate in the energy of what it is you are looking for and it helps to let go of things (push through blocks) or bring in more of a certain energy you desire!

Leave any questions or comments below and let me know how this meditation goes for you!!