With so many things in life, you don't know until you know and that was the case for us with tampons! Now that we know the facts, we wanted to make sure to share them with you guys so you can be aware and informed...and of course, us being us, we didn't stop until we found the best solution.

So here is what we found out. First of all, did you guys know most tampons are filled with glyphosate, which is better known as Round Up Ready herbicide?

We were shocked to learn about how many harmful chemicals are in most tampons....ugh!!!!

We also found out that substances you place inside your vagina don't go through the body's typical elimination and metabolic processes, like they do when you eat something. Ami Zota, an assistant professor of environmental health at George Washington University describes and says, "Instead, tampon chemicals are absorbed by the vaginal mucosa, and from there are able to pass almost directly into your bloodstream which may raise a woman’s exposure to phthalates, a class of suspected endocrine disrupters some research has linked to developmental issues like lower IQs and higher rates of asthma."

Time magazine talked about how most tampons have "in particular, a group of chemicals sometimes referred to as “endocrine disruptors”—because they may mess with the hormones your body’s endocrine system regulates—have been linked to brain disorders, reproductive issues, obesity and cancer.

Makes sense if you are putting chemicals inside of your body that are absorbed through your blood stream every month and can't be eliminated correctly, that it would mess with our hormones and cause health issues. We have to be proactive about our health. We know way too many people who have developed cancer and who suffer from these issues and this is an amazing way to get prevent chemicals entering your body and raise your vibration.

We looked at a lot of companies and tampons and we did find some organic options at the Whole Foods, but the company we fell in love with was Ellebox who delivers tampons to your house every month and makes it super simple. I mean...LOVE!


We vetted all of the ingredients and this is why we love their brand and products:

1. 100% Chemical Free

Toxic chemicals in tampons have been linked to hormone disruptions, PCOS and endometriosis in women. Ellebox tampons are 100% chemical free.

2. 100% Premium Organic Cotton

No harmful bleaches or dyes. Ellebox tampons are made of 100% certified organic cotton and woven for maximum absorbency.

3. Biodegradable & Hypoallergenic

Because Ellebox tampons are chemical free, they are safer and more comfortable. Good for you and the environment.

4. BPA free, FDA approved

Safer than traditional applicators, Ellebox tampons are made of cardboard. More comfortable and better for the environment than those plastic ones.