Sat Nam Loves,

Having our chakras balanced is so important to keep our energy aligned with our true self and our purpose. If an energy center is too weak or too strong that is when we run into issues and when we become out of alignment with our soul and soul mission.

Chakras are focal points of energy that have a huge, direct, and immediate effect on our lives. The chakra(s) that you have a lot of energy in or are polarized from is where your behavior and attitudes will be influenced dominantly. 

The KRI Teacher Training Manual explains, "This relationship between behavior and your dominant chakra is key because energy acts like a magnet. We constantly attract vibrations to ourselves that are on the same wavelength as the chakras from which we are operating. Kundalini Yoga allows the kundalini energy to rise, balancing and coordinating all of the chakras. 

Kundalini Yoga does not force the kundalini to rise; it prepares the body to allow it to rise so that you can experience your higher consciousness. When this balance of the chakras occurs, you become empowered; you are able to be a compassionate, conscious, and capable human being. 

Yogi Bhajan taught about the functions and attributes of the eight major chakras so that we could understand and transform ourselves via the practice of Kundalini Yoga." 

To balance and align our chakras, and our aura, we practice the 7 Wave Sat Nam Meditation- we taught this one at our workshop a couple weeks ago at RA MA Institute in Venice!

*For RISE UP members, if this is one that speaks to you, it would be great to add this on to the end of the Magic Morning Ritual for 11 min. 

Here is the tutorial video on YouTube so you can start to practice this meditation. 


We wanted to include the written instructions as well so you have them on hand. 

Posture: Sit in Easy Pose, with a light jalandhar bandh (this is the neck lock - so pull your chin down and neck slightly back)

Mudra: Place the palms flat together at the center of the chest in Prayer Pose, with thumbs touching the center of the sternum.

Breath and Mantra: Inhale deeply, concentrating on the breath. With the exhale, chant the mantra in the law of seven (the law of the tides). Vibrate Sat in six waves, and let Naam be the seventh. 

On each of the first six waves, thread the sound of Sat through the chakras beginning at the base of the spine at the First Chakra.

On Naam, let the energy and sound radiate from the Seventh Chakra at the top of the head through the aura, unto Infinity.

As the sound penetrates each chakra, gently pull the physical area it corresponds to: The first center is the rectum; the second is the sex organs; the third is the Navel Point; the fourth is the heart; the fifth is the throat; the sixth is the Brow Point; and the seventh is the top of the head.

Eyes: Focus at the Brow Point.

Time: Continue for 11 – 31 minutes.

Yogi Bhajan Lecture Excerpt on the 7 Wave Sat Nam Meditation - 6/14/79 (1)

"Let us purify ourselves with truth, these are vibrations. The words I can tell you: Sat Nam. Sat represents truth; Nam represent personified. It means the spirit of that creative God, the cosmos, stands personified through these vibrations. It is not a big thing. But to chant it is not a muttering. It is an electro-physical process through which this energy is made to circulate. That is the key, there is no big thing about it.

Now we'll practice it.

You have seen the law of tides. The tide takes six coils, on the seventh coil it goes up and then it strikes and cleanses the shore, and goes back. This is the law of tides. If the vibrations can be created by the bij mantra, it will cleanse the body of negativity and the remainder will be positivity and that is a divine light. Do it as your breath permits it, honestly, and let us all follow.

Fill in your lungs with this power of divine.

This is sufficient for you to practice when you want to purify yourself and you want to project truth out of you. You may come here and learn it, or you may not come here, but truth cannot be sold, cannot be bought. It doesn't belong to anyone.

I am a humble instrument giving you a technique which is practical, and which can be proved. There is no duality. We do not give the mantra in the ear and we do not make a special mantra for the special person, because we know that one God has created everyone, and He is in everyone, and one master key can open all the locks of darkness and unawareness."

Are you planning to try this meditation? Let us know how this one goes and any questions/comments about it in our FB Group and in the comments below! 


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