Channeling my inner Texan here - are ya’ll ready for this?! Tomorrow morning, August 21st we’re going to experience a new moon total solar eclipse. This is a very rare event and it’s being called the Great American Solar Eclipse because it will sweep across the United States in a diagonal path from Oregon to South Carolina. So many Americans are going to be able to actually see this event - incredible! (Disclaimer - please, please make sure you are wearing protective goggles if you’re able to see this event so you keep your beautiful eyes safe).  

During Solar Eclipses the Moon is directly between the Earth and Sun. During this brief time the Moon can “block out” the Sun, temporarily, and we’re able to have a few moments where our conscious minds are stalled out if you will, and we can download divine light and higher frequencies, energy from our higher selves and the collective consciousness. What this means is that clarity in any circumstance or a revelation is often delivered during this kind of event.

Currently, we’re deep into eclipse season and in between two eclipses that are working together. The first on August 7th was about endings and letting go, and the second coming up on August 21st is really focused on new beginnings. Eclipses last for 6 months so expect to see this cycle of “out with the old in with the new” last until February 2018.

August 7th’s partial lunar eclipse during the full moon in Aquarius was focused on dredging up emotions, thought patterns, situations, etc. that needed to just GO in your life. Many of you may have experienced intense or extreme emotions, news or situations that were delivered to you on or around August 7. If you’ve caught up with us over the past couple days, you know that we were certainly delivered some big changes! (Hint, hint - High Vibe Livin has a new name - Elevate the Globe!)

Now we’re approaching a new moon total solar eclipse in the sign of Leo (the regal Lion). This eclipse is going to be more focused on new beginnings. YESSS!!

Again, this eclipse is going to be more focused on new beginnings but eclipses are really focused on both endings and beginnings in general - they tend to quickly and swiftly remove something or bring something new into your life. So you may experience an ending here too but it’s just making room for a new beginning that will unfold over the next couple of months or even years. Yes, we said it…even YEARS.

This new moon total solar eclipse is that powerful. It’s going to set us off onto new paths, or bring a new theme into your life. It’s game-changer and dare say it, a life-changer eclipse. It can literally shift your destiny. No joke.

So maybe it’s a new type of career you’ll start working with (even if it’s just research!), or a new love interest may come in who will take your life in a new direction, or maybe you’ll start down the road to establishing a strong spiritual practice, or decide to bring children into your life.

Anything is game but eclipses don’t play around, so expect to see some changes coming your way and expect the energy to be heightened and intensified. K?

We love eclipses because you just never know what kind of gems are going to be delivered - new paths, new love interests, new ideas, etc. The key is to look at these changes (good or bad) from a neutral mind and choose how you’re going to view them - as a potential detriment or an opportunity. We ultimately choose opportunity always!

So adding to the cosmic fun, in between the last eclipse on August 7 and now, our bestie Mercury decided to go retrograde. When Mercury retrogrades, the universe is asking that we LOOK BACK and review how far we’ve come, look into the past and almost do a progress report on our journey to where we are now, reassess our situations, tie up loose ends, and slow down. Mercury wants us to listen in this cycle, to what we receive, meditate on it and determine how to move forward in the best possible way.

With the first eclipse on August 7 and Mercury being in retrograde, both asking us to look back and let things go, this review period has likely been more intense than normal because eclipses are the strongest and most intense transits we can experience here on the planet.  

At the moment, we’re being compelled to release some baggage, some stale situations, thought-patterns, ways of communicating, jobs, paths that are not right for you, because you’ve grown a lot and it’s okay to remove some things from your life that no longer are needed. If released with love and respect and gratitude, it can propel us forward to new heights.

We’re clearing space and making room for whatever this new moon total solar eclipse on August 21 will bring our way...and that’s super exciting!!

Okay, so let’s talk about the new moon though.

What happens during a new moon is that the moon pulls in and charges with the energy of the sign it’s in - and tomorrow it will be in Leo. The Sun is ALSO currently in Leo. So you see, there is a lot of Leo energy being pulled in here and with a total solar eclipse all this Leo energy is going to be intensified. FIRE BABY!

Leo is a fire sign, who is ruled by our big and bright sun. It’s strong, passionate, charismatic, confident, creative, loving, loyal, enthusiastic and downright powerful...and it desires to be in the spotlight at all times. Just sayin’.

This energy is extremely positive and lifts everyone up who needs inspiration, empowerment, and healing. It’s leading you to new paths, to elevated ways of living. Leo is focused on the self and the growth of the self so this is a great time for those who want to find their life purpose - you may really gain some traction and develop more passion here over the next 6 months.

To top it off there is a grand fire trine with Uranus in Aries, the Sun in Leo, and Saturn in Sagittarius.

Uranus is the planet of innovation, rebellion, eccentricity, in Aries the warrior sign. Saturn the planet of discipline, perseverance and responsibility in Sagittarius that’s concerned with higher learning and spirituality, and the Sun in Leo is creating passion, love, enthusiasm, and power.

With all this fire energy in a harmonious aspect, paths are going to open up for you. Paths that weren’t available before, that you were blocked from or that you blocked yourself from are going to open up. Doors are wide open! And we’re going to feel compelled to take action and stop that day dreaming. The dream planet Neptune is hanging out in Pisces, the sign of the romantic and the dreamer and it’s opposing this New Moon. So this is saying that dream time is done - you’ve visualized it, you’ve dreamed it, now it’s time to take action. No more daydreaming - move on forward through those doors please!

Lastly, there is also a strong focus on the heart during this eclipse. Leo rules the heart! Mars the planet of action is also in Leo (seriously!) desiring passion,romance and relationships. Dating and love are going to be of top priority for a lot of you. With this eclipse bringing in new beginnings, you may just meet someone around this time or you may find yourself setting off on a hunt for your life partner here.

Bottom line, there is a lot going on during this eclipse. Hang in there and expect some big changes coming your way! This is an opportunity for all of us to focus on anchoring love and light into ourselves and the planet, to elevate ourselves and those around us, to step into our personal power, become passionate about our life’s purpose, blaze new paths, come together in beautiful partnership, and ultimately elevate the globe collectively.

We can’t wait to see what happens. 

Charge your crystals tonight and tomorrow babes - you’re going to want this energy around you as much as possible!

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What new beginning are you wishing for?! Let us know in the comments and any questions you have! 

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