Ahhh the morning practice! You probably hear us talk about this a lot because it’s the foundation of living the High Vibe life.

Having a morning practice is powerful, especially if done in the ambrosial hours before sunrise from 4-6am because it’s the time of day where the veil is the thinnest, our subconscious is the most at ease and we’re able to really access and cleanse our subconscious mind where we hold a lot of limiting beliefs.

In Kundalini Yoga, the practice of waking up before sunrise is called Sadhana and it’s a 2 hour practice during the ambrosial hours, the hours of the day that have a higher concentration of pranic energy, life force energy that keeps the body strong and alive. The sun’s rays before sunrise are also infrared rays that are attuned to the longer “theta” dreamtime waves, which is the same state of the brain in deep meditation. It helps us to go deeper and faster into our meditation and do it more effectively because we’re working with this energy.

When wake up between these hours, raise our vibration, align with the higher frequencies of love, joy and happiness, it sets up our day for success. Why? Well, when you are vibrating at a higher frequency, you are able to accomplish more by doing less because your point of attraction is at a higher vibration. You don’t have to work as hard and things just flow to you with ease.  Maybe you need more support at work and people just start offering, or you find yourself getting 8 hours of work done in 3.

Einstein's theory of the photoelectric effect proves that energy has to reach a certain frequency threshold to move forward. This proves that until we energetically hit a certain frequency none of the effort in which we put forth will realize or manifest. This is why raising our vibration should be our first priority because none of the effort we put forth matters until we reach this threshold. 

So every morning we start our day with our 15 minute Magic Morning Ritual which is tuning in, breathwork, gratitude, warm ups, meditation, and affirmations. This is hands down the most important thing we do all day to align and keep our vibration in the highest frequencies of love, joy and happiness.

But what if 4-6am seems daunting and unattainable?! We’d say it’s just something to work up to. The most important thing is that you make your morning practice the first thing you do when you wake up.

Here are four tips that have helped us wake up for our morning practice:

1. Commit in your mind to waking up between 4-6am or even just 15 minutes earlier than normal to get in your morning routine. You can also ask your guides & angels to assist in helping you wake up before you go to bed. 

2. Charge your phone in another part of your room so that when your alarm goes off you have to get up and out of bed to turn it off.

3. Once you’re up, splash cold water on your face and brush your teeth.

4. Have your mat rolled out so you can easily hop on and do your morning routine.

Try these tips and let us know in the comments how you felt!