Today is a very special episode, as Britt’s husband, Justin Deanda, joins us on the podcast! Justin is an incredible husband and father, and also owns a talent management company in LA. Today you’ll get to hear all about the journey that Britt and Justin have had! The two share the story of how they met, the bumps in the road that they’ve grown through, and where they are now. You’ll also get to hear funny stories that Justin and Britt share–especially since Justin is such a practical jokester!

We chat about:

  • Justin’s important elevator pitch
  • How Britt + Justin met
  • Ending relationships + women’s intuition
  • Justin + Britt’s first date
  • Learning there was an age gap
  • Breaking up after dating for 5 years
  • Iris (Justin + Britt’s dog)
  • Personal growth through Justin + Britt’s time apart
  • Leaving careers + starting new ones
  • Justin’s thoughts on his new lifestyle
  • Why it was so important that Justin was episode 45
  • Lobby Talk! We’re in Bali + what to look out for!

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