We are really excited about RISE UP starting later this month, and we just couldn’t wait until April 27th to start talking about balancing our chakras! As human beings, we are #blessed because we are the only beings on this planet with the potential to serve as conscious instruments of the flow of creation – but it all starts by focusing on + balancing the energy that creates your mind, body, and experience.


We go into detail about the science of energy, where each chakra is located, and why balancing your chakras is SO important for your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health.


We chat about:

  • What’s a chakra?!
  • The science behind chakras + energy
  • The Observer Effect + how we affect change on a subconscious level
  • Why all of our chakra systems are different
  • Where each of the 7 chakras in your body are + how each one affects you
  • The contentious (but scientifically proven) 8th chakra
  • Kundalini + breathwork
  • Manifesting through our chakras
  • The power you have to shift your energy + your experience


Are you ready to RISE UP??


We are reopening Rise Up: A Course in Vibrational Living on April 27th!! Rise Up is like an eight-week bootcamp for upleveling your life and the vibration of your energy. You’ll get everything you need for a full chakra balancing, and to integrate a high-vibrational lifestyle in a BIG way!


Head over to www.elevatetheglobe.com/riseup to enroll now!

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