We are so excited to have Jenefer Palmer on the Elevator today! Jenefer is the founder and formulator of Osea Malibu, a vegan and nontoxic seaweed based skincare company that we just adore. Jenefer is truly an amazing and beautiful light, and a total thought-leader for natural + vegan living. In this episode, Jenefer shares so much about her incredible journey, and is such an inspiration. We know that you’ll really love this episode!

We chat about:

  • Creating Osea
  • The story of her grandmother  
  • Her spinal injury
  • Becoming a spa director
  • Creating the mud bath at her spa
  • Crazy hilarious stories from her spa director days
  • How seaweed came into her life
  • The change in the beauty industry
  • Lobby talk! Being of service this season


Osea Malibu is a vegan and nontoxic natural skincare company that we absolutely love! Osea uses sustainable, active and effective ingredients that work so well. We just love them so much! Head on over to oseamalibu.com to see their amazing line of products!