Today the beautiful goddess, Emma Mildon, joins us to talk about her books, being a mystic millenial and her spiritual mission in the world. Our great friend, Marissa Lace, introduced us to Emma’s book,Evolution of Goddess, and we just CAN’T get enough! Emma is an author, spiritual activist, philanthropist, and prides herself on being the spiritual girl-next-door.


Plus, we are also so excited to be joined by Sonia Godfrey in our Lobby Talk! Sonia is here to talk about her experience in our spiritual course + community, Rise Up. We are really excited for you to hear her share the amazing growth she’s had in her life and business since joining us in Rise Up!


We chat about:

  • Emma’s childhood + start to her spiritual journey
  • Writing Evolution of Goddess(deleting her entire first draft!)
  • The different Goddess archetypes and energy
  • The astrological timeline + how it adds up to the current state
  • Goddess mapping + what it is
  • The importance of travel + how it helps you grow 
  • The phases of life that we go through
  • Using travel as an escape or as an awakening
  • How Emma likes to elevate herself + the message she hopes to share with the world
  • Sonia Godfrey joins us for Lobby Talk to share her experience in Rise Up!




We are SO excited to sponsor this week’s episode with our 8 week course,RISE UP. Our Fall 2018 course is opening up on September 20th, full of chakra balancing, spiritual guidance, and how to live an even more high vibe lifestyle.RISE UPis honestly one of the best things that we have ever created, and we are just so excited to share this awesome community with you all! Go learn more!