We are so grateful that Vishuddha Das joined us to share his personal spiritual journey! Vishuddha is a conscious educator and writer, using YouTube and social media to share his beautiful journey of self-improvement and spiritual growth. He also has two amazing books out currently, and is in the stages of creating a third!

We just love how Vishuddha is so open to new perspectives and being a constant student of the Universe. His story is incredible, and it just was truly so inspiring to have him on and to learn from him.

We chat about:

  • Vishuddha’s Elevator pitch
  • How Vishuddha got into the spiritual life he leads
  • What Vedanta is + what about it called Vishuddha towards it
  • Incorporating different practices together
  • Getting caught in the spiritual bypass
  • Vishuddha’s manifesting process
  • Astro traveling and why Vishuddha stopped
  • Vishudda’s morning routine
  • Sharing our own spiritual names
  • Lobby talk: online dating + breastfeeding
  • Exciting news from us!


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