Today we are so happy to be joined by Daniel DeBaun! Daniel is the author of Radiation Nation, and the inventor of DefenderShield, which is the most effective EMF radiation protection technology for mobile devices. Daniel has SO much knowledge in device shielding products, and today we dive deep into what EMF radiation shielding products are, and why his products are SO important.

We chat about:

  • Why he became so interested in developing shielding products
  • EMF’s: what are they and why we should pay attention to them
  • Why microwave ovens are harmful
  • The effect that different technologies are having on us + potential dangers
  • Protecting your womb + cell damage that EMF’s can cause
  • Tips on how to reduce your contact to EMF’s right now
  • What products you should use from Daniel’s company, DefenderShield
  • Daniel’s outlook on stress and worry
  • How we’ve been living in the 5D + creating what we want
  • Exciting events coming your way soon


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