MaryAnn DiMarco is an amazing spiritual teacher and internationally-recognized psychic medium (with a wait list of like 5 years!!) and we are so incredibly honored to have her in The Elevator to transmit + channel messages for you all. She is also the author of Believe, Ask, Act: Divine Steps to Raise Your Intuition, Create Change, and Discover Happiness.

MaryAnn has been communicating with the other side since she was five years old, growing up connected to the other side + feeling this beautiful energy come through her. She’s so much fun + a huge inspiration for both of us, and we think she’ll light you up too!

We chat about:

  • Protecting + grounding yourself every day
  • Respecting what it is that you want to see
  • Britt + Tara’s early healing experiences
  • Gabby Bernstein’s masterclass
  • What exactly is a medium?
  • MaryAnn’s visual + physical experience
  • Loving yourself to find love
  • Embracing our beautiful Earth + Remembering that we’re light
  • Mind-body-soul balance
  • Showing your children love
  • Doing something with your dash
  • Elevating the human species


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