Today we are joined by Fern Olivia, an internationally recognized teacher, speaker and wellness journalist, and creator of Thyroid Yoga! She is passionate about the power of integrative medicine, yoga, and holistic lifestyle practices, so we knew we just had to have her on the podcast to share her wisdom and journey! Fern Olivia also is the founder of Ajai Alchemy, an all organic essential oil fragrance brand, and is the host of Sensual Intelligence. She’s all about empowerment, self love, and absolutely everything we are all about! We can’t wait for you to listen to this amazing episode!

We chat about:

  • What Fern Olivia is all about
  • How she found yoga
  • What thyroid yoga is + how it began
  • Finding her own voice
  • Energetic boundaries
  • How she elevates herself
  • Bringing Earth’s energy in
  • Lobby talk! News from us on what’s to come


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