Today, Britt + Tara bring The Elevator to Joy Smith in SACRED SPACE (her location in Culver City) to bliss out, get elevated, and enjoy some beautiful crystals!


Joy is the Artist + Jewelry Designer of Communion by Joy, but she does a lot more than your typical jeweler – she is a Channeler of the Light, meditating before every design so that she can imbue her art with unconditional love, inner strength, and peace. We feel like GODDESSES when we wear her pieces!


It’s an amazing gift that she gives to every person wearing her jewelry, and we’re excited to share her mission of love with all of you!


We chat about:

  • Attracting what you put out into the world
  • Leaving a good job in the entertainment industry to start a business
  • Battling anxiety
  • How having a child gave Joy more drive
  • Joy’s mantras
  • The power of the mind
  • Love, healing, and light




We want to tell you all about Natural Shilajit!


Natural Shilajit is an ayurvedic herb that we first heard about a few years ago, when we did one of our first ayurvedic workshops. We love it because it  helps with a little bit of everything: It naturally detoxes your body, helps with energy levels, gives you important minerals + vitamins, and even enhances your libido!


Britt + Tara like to drink it, and it’s really easy! Check out our Coconut Shilajit Vegan Latte Recipe here:

You can order yours by clicking this link!