Every single day, we are finding new ways to incorporate high-vibrational living practices into our lives – so today, in celebration of Earth Day and International Composting Awareness Week, the episode is all about composting!


Our guest is Julia Mande, Director of Development at LA Compost, a non-profit organization working to connect the people of LA to the soil and each other through community compost hubs. We talk about how you can start composting (even if you live in an urban area), what exactly it is, and why it helps the whole Globe!




We are doing a composting challenge on instagram where we are asking you to compost for a week and post about it on instagram! Tag us @ElevateTheGlobe and invite your friends to join!!


Learn more at http://elevatetheglobe.com/posts/composting-etg-compost-challenge.


We chat about:

  • Learning about LA Compost from Imperfect Produce at Longevity Now (you can get $10 off at Imperfect Produce by clicking this link!)
  • Composting + climate change
  • The good bacteria in composted soil that heals the planet + individuals
  • How Julia went from the hospitality industry to composting
  • Connecting people through community compost hubs
  • Studying astrology
  • Experiencing burnout + following your passion
  • The surprisingly sweet smell of compost
  • Growing up composting
  • The four vital ingredients of compost
  • How composting helps you realize what you’re wasting
  • The global effect of composting
  • Food actually doesn’t break down in landfills!
  • Learning through doing
  • The problem with synthetic fertilizer




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