Water is a huge passion of ours and it has been a hot topic lately, making this a perfect opportunity to bring Mukhande of Live Spring Water into The Elevator to talk about all things water!


In addition to his journey with Live Spring Water, we talk about getting grounded + enjoying nature to the fullest, why using less plastic is so important (for our health + the environment), and the beautiful glass that Mukhande distributes his water in!!


We chat about:

  • The human need to be grounded with nature
  • Connecting with the dirt
  • Foraging mushrooms
  • The teachings of Daniel Vitalis + findaspring.com
  • Finding Opal Spring in Madras, Oregon
  • Having our first taste of Live Spring Water!
  • Why Britt says you should avoid Mountain Valley Spring Water
  • The different qualities of springs + how to hunt for quality water
  • Why we should switch to glass + stop using plastic




Want to get your own Live Spring Water?


This conscious company is bringing high-quality, high-vibrational water to your doorstep! Live Spring Water is a water delivery service with absolutely beautiful products. Our favorite is the glass water orbs, featuring the Flower of Life sacred geometry to help raise the vibration of the water. You can even get a carrying case and wear it! It’s a sustainable way of living, and it’s beautiful!!


And you can use the code ELEVATETHEGLOBE for 30% off at LiveSpringWater.com!!

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