Are you ready to embark on a healing celebration adventure in the jungle mountains of Costa Rica for Summer Solstice?

Your soul is calling you to life felt by MAGIC. Imagine how expansive and recharged you will feel after 5 days of physical, mental and spiritual cleansing AND in-person connection!

Our signature Elevated Retreat is designed to be a deep immersion into your soul, connecting you to your truest self, Mother Earth, and the cosmos and this time we are taking it to Costa Rica for an expansive Summer Solstice retreat!

We have curated a new immersive retreat experience with a balance of healing, community connection, adventure and FUN at the Kinkara Costa Rica Eco Luxury Resort.

We will come together to celebrate the gift of life and cultivate the power that lies within each of us.

“The retreat was life changing for me. There were things that I had healed mentally and physically from but they were still holding me back, subconsciously. The meditations helped to clear the remaining junk out. Feeling lighter and brighter.” — Jessica H., ETG Bali Retreat Guest

“Pristine property, gourmet food, adventure, and the best glamping of all time.This place is magical! It's one of the highest vibration places I've ever been to. Glamping on an organic mandala garden was a grounding and refreshing experience. We cannot wait to go back”! -Julie Quinn Trip Advisor Guest of Kinkara

Summer solstice is the longest day of the year and is when there is the most light, sun energy, available to us for use. We work with this energy to bring both freedom and flexibility into our lives with mantra, dance, Kundalini yoga and healing sounds. Through play, retreat and yoga we can consciously direct prana, shifting blocks in our energy bodies, opening up to innate healing – mentally, emotionally and physically, rooting us in abundant joy and health. It is a time where we can break through patterns and connect deeper to living through our soul!

We can elevate our vibration, clear out some of the junk we carry around, and lay a powerful new foundation for the future!

Tucked at the foot of Mt. Chirripó in Costa Rica's biodiverse Southern Zone, the Kinkara resort draws from nature’s wisdom and offers you a totally immersive experience of nature-inspired adventures, playful accommodations and the re-connection to the inner child and joy within.

We are calling forward the most committed, connected and “SAY YES” souls within our incredible Elevate the Globe community.

Come experience Costa Rica with us and unlock your highest potential!

Sat Nam & Love You,

Are you looking to:

Celebrate your growth, personal power and energy of the sun?

Release blocks + limitations and raise the vibration of your energy?

Create shifts and changes that will last a lifetime?

Align with Mother Earth and the cosmos?

Connect with a community of people + healers that will expand your experience and open up possibilities?

Do some deep energy work and cleansing?

Align yourself and get clarity on the highest pathway forward?

Get out of your comfort zone, relax, rejuvenate, and recharge mentally, spiritually, physically, and energetically?

Then The Elevated Retreat: SUMMER SOLSTICE COSTA RICA was made for you!

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Spots will fill up fast and there are limited spots available! Upon approval, we will email you to confirm your spot.

“Being a part of this group was one of the best experiences and it brought me to a whole new level of thinking. Each morning I woke up excited to see what was in store for the day and was not let down. Each part of the curriculum and work was amazing.” - Sean, ETG Bali Retreat Guest

"I felt like a totally different person by the end of the week and like my true self with an open heart. It's very difficult to put into word the feeling of your soul being home. It's been a long time since I have felt so connected to everything around me. I'm feeling so inspired to continue living my best life. My family have definitely noticed the difference and I have their blessings to go on many more retreats in the future! Such a life changing experience, more so than I could have ever imagined." - Alana, ETG Bali Retreat Guest

"I have above all learned to relax, breath and love myself. The retreat taught me to manage my anxiety and dependence on pharmaceuticals to manage my life. I have made a massive improvement on my dependence for adderall to manage my ADD. That effort has eliminated the collateral damage that comes with chemical dependency and made me a better and more consistent father, husband, son, friend and professional. Moreover, I make it a daily goal to better the world, simply by being a kinder person and treating all humanity with a smile and grace. " - Justin, ETG Bali Retreat Guest

"The Elevated Retreat was extremely powerful and empowering for me. I had only been practicing Kundalini for less than a year so I was a bit nervous before coming to Bali. But as soon as I met you, Britt and Tara, and was immersed in this beautiful community of all the retreat guests I knew I had come to the right place. The week was like a rollercoaster, elevating me higher than ever before but also confronting me with my own limits. But I came out on the other side and saw how strong and capable I am. I am much more confident in myself and my Kundalini practice now and that is probably the most beautiful takeaway from this experience. Another great gift is that I was able to connect to so many amazing souls in person and am now part of this loving community of everyone who was a part of the retreat. I couldn't recommend it any more and you will definitely find me at other Elevated Retreats in the future!" - Julia, ETG Bali Retreat Guest

{ The grounds at the Kinkara Resort where the magic will happen }

{ We will participate in a healing Temazcal Sweat Lodge experience here on the grounds }


5 Nights & 6 Days In Costa Rica

Eco-luxury Glamping Canvas Tent Accommodations

Kundalini Yoga, Breathwork & Meditation Classes Designed To Balance You In A New Element

Workshop Sessions

Journaling, Visualization And Mindset Tools

Early Morning Sadhana Yoga/Meditation Classes

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Each Day (Earth-to-plate, Vegan)

Fresh Spring Mountain Water

Temazcal Sweat Lodge Experience

Beautiful Hiking Trip

Summer Solstice Celebration + Cacao Ceremony

Tree Planting

Mandala Garden Meditation Walk

Hopper Flights To And From Retreat Center

WiFi Included

* Covid test provided through the retreat center if needed for an extra fee for return entry home

+ More Because Who Knows What Our Guides Are Going To Tell Us To Do And What Type Of Energy Will Come Through!!!!

*Airfare to Costa Rica and Stay on June 16th is not included, ONLY hopper flight to retreat center


In order to catch the Hopper Flight to and from the retreat center you will need to arrive in Costa Rica on June 16th to catch the flight to the retreat center in the morning. Check in is at 1pm on June 17th and we will start in the last afternoon/early evening once everyone is settled in. During each full day we will have an early morning sadhana, morning and evening Kundalini yoga + meditation sessions that consist of different classes and workshops like yoga, meditation, journaling, creation workshops, etc.

We will also schedule excursions like a hike to a water element or the Boruca Immersion and time to relax and soak in the magic of Costa Rica. The schedule will have a wide variety of offerings throughout the week and everything is optional. We encourage you to do what feels best, and also to show up fully ready to immerse yourself in energy healing, wellness, inspiration, connection and manifestation.

Check out on 22nd in the morning to board the hopper flight back to Costa Rica. If you are flying out later in the day, you can spend the last day exploring Costa Rica. We are here to help with any travel plans you may need and we also have on-site experts and locals that are happy to assist you!


5-6:30 AM
7-8 AM
Free Time (Rest/Sleep, Mandala or Nature Walk, Read, Journal, Massages, Etc.)
8-10 AM
Breakfast (Plant Based Earth To Plate) + Free Time (Rest/Sleep, Walk, Read, Journal, Massages, Jogging Trails, Natural Watering Holes, Tree Planting Etc.)
10-11:30 AM
Activity - Kinkara’s Signature Educational Walk: The Mandala Garden And Regenerative Design Tour Or Cultural Immersion
1-3:00 PM
Lunch (Plant Based Earth To Plate) + Free Time (Rest/Sleep, Read, Journal, Jogging Trails, Natural Watering Holes, Massages, Etc.)
3-4 PM
Kundalini Meditation/Breathwork Class
4-5 PM
Community Circle
5-6 PM
River Hike Or Free Time (Rest/Sleep,Connect, Read, Journal, Massages, Jogging Trails And Natural Watering Holes, Tree Planting, Etc.)
6-8 PM
Dinner (Plant Based Earth To Plate)
8-9 PM
Summer Solstice Cacao Ceremony Or Temazcal Sweat Lodge Or Sound Healing

“Pristine property, gourmet food, adventure, and the best glamping of all time.This place is magical! It's one of the highest vibration places I've ever been to. Glamping on an organic mandala garden was a grounding and refreshing experience. The beds are beyond comfortable with organic sheets in the gorgeous lotus belle tents. The bathrooms were gorgeous and you can hear the sounds of waterfalls while you're showering with organic lemongrass local products. The cuisine was based on the Plant Paradox diet and Ayurvedic cooking. The staff gets to know you and your preferences to provide you with gourmet delicious and nurturing cuisine. They created the most beautiful and flavorful foods right from the garden on property. You really can't get any more connected to the earth than a stay at Kínkara. We loved the excursions to Nauyaca Falls, surfing at Dominical, and hikes on property to the local watering hole. The circular studio in the center of the garden provided a space for mystical yoga practices, grounding meditations, cacao ceremony, and connection. We cannot wait to go back”! -Julie Quinn Trip Advisor Guest of Kinkara

“Worth every penny!! Amazing property!! This is such an incredible and unique property that truly leaves a lifelong impression! Where to even begin...The glamping tents are incredibly comfortable and peaceful as they are tucked around the beautiful gardens that are brimming with every color and natural aromas. The staff has thought about every single detail and have added amenities to make each moment of the stay perfect. The bathrooms are maybe the coolest in the world with open-air views of the jungle from the shower -- heaven on Earth! I think I was most impressed by the food program which truly was the best I have ever experienced. The thoughtful, creative kitchen staff are 5-Star, AAA super genius rock stars! And the staff on property was so warm and welcoming. It truly felt like we were living in a community with family rather than any sort of hotel stay. The activities and amenities are plenty from beach visits to yoga sessions, traditional performing arts (the gong ceremony is a MUST DO!), waterfall hikes and more! We will be coming back as soon as humanly possible!” - Tim B, Trip Advisor Guest of Kinkara

“World-Class Eco Luxe Glamping For Total Peace of Mind Highly recommended for a corporate retreat or family reunion! We now have booked and completed two executive retreats at Kinkara. Both times we brought 44 top executives and entrepreneurs, all of whom were completely blown away by the experience that we created in partnership with their amazing team (whose talent is on par with some of my favorite luxury resorts in the world). If you are ready to 'simply be' fully supported in every way (stress-free) and completely immerse yourself in a nature, then look no further than Kinkara. You will get to experience living on the land at one with Mother earth with farm-to-table meals, wake to every sunrises, timeless sunsets, star gazing, exploring 800 acres of private land on horseback, putting your feed in ponds with lotus flowers, yoga, and so much more. Oh, how I already miss my time there and look forward to our return in a few months. A night of rest there is the equivalent of three back home. Sweet dreams!” - Barry S, Trip Advisor Guest of Kinkara


Immersed within an 800-acre property, Kinkara Luxury Retreat sits on the tranquil slopes of Costa Rica's Talamanca mountain range. We are conveniently located 20 minutes from San Isidro del General, the largest city in Costa Rica's southern zone, and 50km from Dominical Beach on the Pacific Coast. Kinkara Luxury Retreat is positioned just southwest of Cerro Chirripó - the country's tallest mountain - enjoying an elevated yet tropical setting and a beautiful climate we like to call our Eternal Spring. Chirripó's peak can be seen from the highest point of the property, and its "eternal waters" run through the retreat, blessing us with swimming holes, waterfalls and refreshing wading areas to explore. Tucked away amongst mountains, valleys and verdant rainforests, Kinkara Luxury Retreat is a destination to experience Costa Rica's bounty, to appreciate its pristine nature and to reconnect with the land. We invite you to discover its purity and magic.


We recommend you fly into Juan Santamaria Airport on June 16th and a private charter flight will take you to the retreat center on the morning of June 17th.


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$500 non-refundable deposit.



Full Price: $3,000

Save 10% by signing up before June 1st!

Pay In Full: $2700

Early Bird Pricing till June 1st

Save $100 overall by paying in full.

Or 2 Biweekly Payments of: $1150 with

$500 non-refundable deposit.

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NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT of $500 is Due Immediately to Reserve *Approved Application* Spot for All Room Options

Britt Deanda and Tara Schulenberg are Co-Founders of Elevate the Globe, certified Kundalini yoga and meditation instructors and healers here to raise consciousness on the planet.

They are high vibrational living experts and pair astrology with spirituality, high vibrational living, and sustainability to deliver a cutting edge wellness lifestyle that allows people to align with their own truth and best way of living.

Their classes, events, retreats, courses, and membership community deliver incredibly transformative results and the transmission of energy ignites people from all walks of life to uplevel and step into their power as happy, healthy, and abundant lightworkers elevating the globe.

This retreat is open for Men and Women looking to elevate, connect, cleanse and uplevel their lives!

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The ideas, yogic postures, procedures, and suggestions in this online course/membership/in-person or digital retreat are not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice from a trained health professional. Before you begin any exercise or health program and before adopting the suggestions in this course, please always consult your physician, as well as about any condition that may require diagnosis or medical attention. The benefits attributed to the practice of Kundalini yoga and meditation stem from centuries-old yogic tradition. Results will vary with individuals. Elevate the Globe shall not be liable or responsible for any loss, injury or damage allegedly arising from any information or suggestion in this online course/membership/in-person or digital retreat.