Searching for daily tools to develop a deeper spiritual connection and expand your awareness?

Want to release stress, create more energy, and become lighter, brighter and more vibrant?

Excited to learn how to cleanse and command your mind to manifest your highest path and a wildly abundant life?

Ready to raise your vibration and feel true happiness, freedom, and joy?


We’ve created this challenge to inspire your creation and commitment to an amplified health + wellness routine. Everything will be approached from a vibrational perspective.

Come along for the ride, feel supported, connect with our community, and become part of Elevate the Globe!

In just 5 days you’ll learn:

  •    The Numerology of the 3 Year 2019 and the energy
  •    Techniques to shift your mindset to a higher vibration
  •    The importance of having a daily stress management routine and how to create one
  •    Ways to cleanse and release low vibrational blocks that could be holding you back in your environment, relationships, what you’re consuming, and career
  •    Why movement is important from a vibrational perspective and how we use Kundalini Yoga and exercises to help release stress, improve sleep + digestion, increase your energy, and raise your vibration overall
  •    Insight into the kinds of foods that lower your vibe and ways to release unhealthy cravings
  •    Self-love practices that will allow you to improve your inner state, raise your vibration, therefore raising the vibration of everything and everyone around you
  •    7 simple steps you can practice to bring your manifestations + visions to life
  •    How to use astrology as a tool to align your energy higher

We’re sharing tons of amazing info with you on how to live the happiest, healthiest, most energetically-fulfilling version of your life! Join us!

How does this challenge work?

Here’s the deal. We have 5 full days together to talk about all things high vibe. Each day you’ll join us live or watch the replay where we discuss each topic and dish out a challenge for that day. We’ll send you daily emails with the tools and goods for each topic, and will be active in the Facebook group to answer your questions as you go along.

After you hit the sign up button, you’ll be registered for the 5 Day Raise Your Vibration Challenge and will receive an email letting you know that you’ve successfully signed up and details on how it works!

You will receive daily emails guiding you through how to complete the challenge for that day. Each day we cover TONS of content, ancient yogic philosophy and practical tools and information on how to raise the vibration of your energy from many different angles, transforming your life and expanding your perspective in just 5 days.


  •    5 Live Videos - One per topic, jam-packed with knowledge and easy to follow steps to raise your vibration right away!
  •    5 Challenges to put the concepts into action
  •    Stress Relief Breathwork Video
  •    Kundalini Yoga Class Video
  •    Full-Length Kundalini Yoga Class
  •    Signature Smoothie + Turmeric Tonic
  •    Private Facebook Community (if you're not on Facebook, don't worry, you can still participate in the challenge)
  •    Daily support + guidance emails


Hi love! It’s Britt + Tara here. We’re high vibrational living experts, Kundalini Yoga + Meditation Instructors (KRI + YTT 200+) and two best friends on a mission to help elevate humans and the planet. We want to make the world a more loving place and give people the tools they need to elevate their energy quickly to feel so SO good on a daily basis. We believe that raising the vibration of your own energy uplifts those around you and together we ultimately elevate the globe.

We didn’t always live a high vibrational lifestyle but it has transformed our lives. Now we share the most impactful practices in an easy + FUN way as the Elevate the Globe lifestyle! We are the happiest, healthiest, most fulfilled and abundant we’ve ever been and we have created a community of people who now feel the same. We practice these tools on the daily and live and breathe this lifestyle. We’re so excited to share it with you.

“Just finished the breathwork and I feel amazing. Seriously best tool I have ever used for stress relief, and you feel the benefits immediately. Love love love--Ter” -Terilyn
“I'm so glad that somehow the stars and planets aligned and I found you two. I've learned so much from the challenge that I don't even know where to begin. Every single day of the challenge has brought me closer to living that high vibe life! Actually, I'm already living it! I'm so excited to dive deeper and immerse myself into all things high vibe livin. You guys are just amazing! Thanks for sharing all these tools with us!” -Christine
“This is so great!! I am going through so many changes in my life right now! It’s all good and things I have been asking for...the universe is listening!” -Lindsey
“Thank you so much for sharing this practice with us <3 after we finished the breath work, I instantly felt like all my stresses and worries were completely stripped away from my being. I found it to be very powerful although I need to work on balancing my exhale, I am looking forward to incorporating this into my daily routine.” -Lauren
“The breath work is AMAZING, love you ladies and what you're doing.” -Natalie
“I completed the Kundalini Yoga challenge today along with the nutrition...A-MAZING!! The insight I received afterwards was absolutely guidance I needed for this new year ahead. Kundalini Yoga is VERY powerful I had no idea! And it really worked out to have a raw fruit and veggies smoothie after I still need to try the turmeric tea, so that's going on for tomorrow. But really, my journal got filled with insight today, it was absolutely perfect and I can't thank you ladies enough! It's been such a wonderful journey to participate in this challenge.” -Sonia
“Just tried the green goddess smoothie and it's SOOOO GOOD!! And the best part is - my anti-vegetable eating 6 year old loves it too!!” -Jessica
“It amazes me that just 1 minute of this breathing can be so rejuvenating!!” -Nicole
“I love the golden milk! And can't wait to make that smoothie it looks amazing! This recipe was really yummy! I've been doing the breath work every night and yoga daily! I feel like something shifted - yay! Love this journey we are on.” -Stephanie
“So I got my sign this evening! It's a Netflix and chill night for me and my husband and 5 minutes into the Joe Rogan stand up show, Joe Rogan starts talking about dolphins!!! So good to remember that we're all being guided.” -Christine
“Your first day's video was the perfect example of the universe providing exactly what I/you need exactly when I/you need it. I'm kicking off my healing business, and it's a stressful process with all the details that are involved, so I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. The video picked me up, and I loved the breath work technique.
I also 100% agree about the daily practice. I've been pulling a card from my Chakra oracle deck each morning and then doing reflective journaling, and it's absolutely changed my path. I actually make a gratitude list with each journal entry too, and it definitely raises my vibrations!” -Kat
“I genuinely feel lighter and more motivated after doing today's breathing challenge. Love love love and excitement!” -Vic
“With all the hateful things goin’ on in the world it is so nice to be a part of these kinds of groups! If others were doing this I don't think things would be this way!” -Audra
“Nice buzz of energy swirling around after doing the breathing. All set to write away... Thanks!” -Amy
“Just completed the day 1 challenge (while at work)! I am feeling more calm and at ease, which is great since my work environment is typically high stress. Can't wait to do the breath work again tonight before bed. Thank you Britt and Tara!” -Shanna


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