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  •    Looking for a daily spiritual meditation/yoga practice but don’t know how or where to begin?
  •    Been wanting to get into or re-start your Kundalini practice and increase your awareness and raise your vibration on the regular?
  •    In need of a life coach or private yoga or meditation instructor but don't quite have the budget to hire one?
  •    Want to learn more about astrology and align and connect more with the full and new moon energy, the eclipses, planets and everything happening in the cosmos every month but don’t have the time to track it all?
  •    Someone obsessed with all things manifesting, law of attraction, mindset work, spirituality, sustainability, and healthy high vibrational living but need help staying inspired and taking action?
  •    Looking for a tribe that feels like home?
  •    Ready to become the BEST, most connected and tapped in, badass version of yourself possible
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Where you can get EXCLUSIVE access to an all new MEMBERS ONLY library of Kundalini meditations aligned with the astrological cosmic happenings each month curated for your morning practice. Monthly new moon or full moon live Kundalini yoga classes and gatherings, monthly ayurvedic recipes + herb and food recommendations, monthly challenges, a book club, workshops, astrology readings, and a library of archived and additional ancient Kundalini meditations, weekly inspirational and supportive emails, a secret FB community of inspiration, and support from Britt + Tara, and more are all included!

The very best part?

You get to surround yourself with a group of like hearted, talented + elevated humans all working to elevate the globe together!

We decided to make this super simple and easy for you.

We decided that it's time you have a HOME for all the Kundalini yoga and meditation, astrology, manifesting, law of attraction, mindset work, spirituality, sustainability, and healthy high vibrational living things you're already obsessed with.

We've also realized that so many of you are looking to work with us 1:1, in RISE UP or our Masterminds, but aren't quite ready for that investment yet.

Babes, if you're ANYTHING like us, you've spent thousands of dollars tapping into information online and all over the world. All the books, courses, ebooks, workbooks, workshops, guided meditations, retreats audios, trainings... they add up.

So we’re giving you a solution.

We’re giving you a solution for your bank account, your brain, your body, your soul, and your emotional state.

Instead of creating a new course, ebook, or training and putting it up on the site as a separate thing right now...

We created a member's club where you can access Elevate the Globe Kundalini yoga and meditation classes, monthly morning meditations aligned with the astrology of the season to be in harmony with the planet, as well as coaching and resources from Britt + Tara that you can access every single day!

Come On In

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Monthly Subscription
$99/month $47/month
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Per Month
Annual Subscription
$467/month $1164/month $467/month
$[[ computedProducts[1].payment_amount ]]
Per Year - Three Months Free!
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(Billed monthly, no obligations, no contract, cancel at ANY time OR billed yearly with a one year commitment - cancel at ANY time)
* By signing up for the 528 Academy Membership, you agree to the Terms & Conditions + Privacy Policy.
Let's Get Real:

Sticking to your spiritual practice and finding friends or like-minded souls on a similar spiritual path can be hard.

To find real soul sisters + soul friends that can hold you accountable + support you as you chase your wildest dreams is not always easy!

We know sometimes we need more inspiration to keep up with our morning practice, clean eating, and living this high vibrational lifestyle.

We know we would not be where we are today without the support of our family of allies, mentors, champions and collaborators.

To live the life you were meant to live, you need people, support and guidance.

That’s exactly why we created 528.

Join Us
What you'll receive and how it will flow:

At the start of each new astrological season (every month around the 20th) - like clockwork - we will deliver a curated spiritual practice straight to your inbox.

This monthly spiritual practice includes the following:

Kundalini Meditation

We will personally handpick one meditation for each month that is recommended to practice every day is possible! The meditation chosen will be tied directly to the astrology and energy present that month. (For instance February is Aquarius Season, and is all about becoming a humanitarian and developing connections with yourself and others, and the meditation we’ve handpicked is the Kundalini Meditation for Experiencing the Original You which gives you great vitality, personal excellence, and a new concept of what you are.)

Kundalini Yoga Classes

Every season we will hold a live 90-minute Kundalini Class Gathering for either the new moon or the full moon. This will be a full-length Kundalini class with warm ups, a kundalini kriya, meditation, and savasana...all based on the astrology and the planetary transits during that time. These are powerful classes, and because we record them, you can do them again and again. Super rad right?!

Challenge of the Month

Everyone needs to be pushed sometimes. Each month we will assign you a challenge, so you can push yourself outside your comfort zone a bit and transform your habits. (Think: No plastic for a month! No sugar for a month! Or we may ask you to light an intention candle every day before you sit down to work.) Again the challenge chosen will be based on the energy of the month, the time of year and the cosmos.

Lesson of the Month:

In the intro video there will be a lesson about a specific topic that is tied to the challenge and a quote from a spiritual leader to focus on and develop your spiritual growth and expansion and how you can apply it to your life on and off the mat.

Bestie Book Club of the Month:

We’ll personally select one book a month for you to read. We will also give you tips and tricks to help you get through your book by reading just 15-30 minutes a day. There will be discussion questions and forums to chat about it in our FB group and sometimes we will even gather to discuss the book together live! (Bring the tea!)

Curated Wellness Resource List:

We get tons of emails and pm’s each month asking us questions like:

- What nail polish/supplements/laundry detergent do you use?

- What are you watching, reading or listening to?

Naturally we can’t respond to every email, comment or question on Instagram.

BUT - In 528 we can.

In 528 - We will give you a full list of our favorite books, podcasts, vitamins, documentaries, non-toxic cleaning, beauty, and hair supplies - you name it.

We will add to this list throughout the year, so you can stay up-to-date on the latest wellness trends, without having to get sucked down the black hole of Google, that we have used and recommend.

Over the years, we received many of these resources from our mentors. And let us tell you - it shortened our learning curve like crazy!

Live Q+A “Real Talk” Sessions:

As we mentioned what makes 528 so powerful is the community. We like to think of it as a sacred space where women can gather, build relationships, hatch crazy plans and become their most elevated selves.

To create this space for you, each quarter we will host a live REAL TALK Session on Facebook.

It’s sort of like a mix between a live group coaching session and a night out with the girls.

During that hour you can ask any question on your mind, share your struggles or ask for support from the group.

528 Facebook Page + Community:

This is a secret members only FB community.

You can post your questions 24/7 in this group.

We will be jumping in and out to offer support and the group will be so supportive.

Most importantly, this FB page is a great way to meet like-minded souls.

We’ve had many folks in the past actually meet up in person for a tea.

And a few ladies that have partnered together on creative business projects.

The opportunities to connect are endless.

I Am Ready For This!


Receive insider discounts + perks for 528 MEMBERS ONLY

We will put you on our bestie speed dial. If we are discounting coaching sessions, courses or programs OR launching new in-person of virtual experiences you will always be the FIRST person to know.

So what's the club fee?

$[[ computedProducts[0].payment_amount ]] a month

We priced it this way for two reasons:

We priced it this way because life gets expensive. And not everyone can afford $1000 courses or $6500 yoga retreats. We really wanted to create something that anyone anywhere could afford and thank you for being part of our online community.


Just a heads up:

If you join today you will get the intro discount locked in price of $[[ computedProducts[0].payment_amount ]]/ a month or $467/year FOR LIFE!

PLUS- Everything we do in the 528 Academy is archived, that means all the monthly meditations and even the free video series we host through the year, like our Elevate Your Year Series and our Raise Your Vibration Challenge videos, are included.

That alone will make the first month more than worth it! Cool, right?

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Monthly Subscription
$99/month $47/month
$[[ computedProducts[0].payment_amount ]]
Per Month
Annual Subscription
$467/month $1164/month $467/month
$[[ computedProducts[1].payment_amount ]]
Per Year - Three Months Free!
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Before we sign off we want to leave you with one thing we know to be true...

Magic is created when we gather together.

And this time next year your life will be totally transformed.

But what we believe matters much less than how past ETG (Elevate the Globe) members have actually experienced our courses and programs.

So straight from their mouths, here are a few more first-hand accounts of what it’s like to work with us and how these practices and community can change your life:

I’m a holistic nutritionist and wellness practitioner so I’ve seen it all. But it wasn’t until I met Britt and Tara that I fully understood that total wellness really starts at an energetic level. Personally, I didn’t realize how much emotional junk I was carrying around. It was weighing me down. Now, I’m lighter. I’m less reactive. The Prosperity Meditation even helped me shift my financial energy and attract more money! I received a $500 check from my graduate school. Apparently I had overpaid on tuition. I would have never expected that sitting for a few minutes a day could change my mindset and ultimately my bank account. I am forever grateful for the beautiful wisdom, practices, energy and high vibes you have both blessed me with!

- Christine

In the beginning of the course, I was feeling lonely in the new city. I think I was feeling this way partially because I was comparing any new relationships I was forming with the relationships I have with my best friends in my old city, which are so sacred to me. Because of that, I was shutting down new relationships. When I let go of the feelings of loneliness, I began to receive so many new friendships. I found myself having to turn down plans that I really wanted to do with people nearly every weekend! Now I am feeling much more abundant in my relationships.

- Jessica

I have spent this entire year stressing over my finances. I was in debt and it just seemed like it would never end. It was holding me back from everything! Money is all I thought about!
After all of the amazing work I have done this year in this course I finally saw my solution. I took the steps I needed to take to change for good. Once I showed up, the universe did too. Everything just started to flow to me!
My side job has doubled in clients, unexpected money has come in. I’ve also released a relationship that was unhealthy and keeping me stuck. I feel so free! And it’s not just because I have more money in my bank account. (Although that helps!) It’s that I feel like a different person - a person that is in control of her future.

- Stephanie

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