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New Members Accepted into The Elevated Mastermind Collective starts August 1st!

You’re madly in love with your spiritual practice and you’re more inspired than ever. We faced a global state of unfolding and awakening. Collective energy went into overdrive and for many lightworkers, we have felt the weight of the world.

A beauty that we saw emerge from the collapse of our old world is that people are shedding layers and stepping into who they are ready to become. They are moving from a place of reactive living into one that is vibrational. They are connecting to all that is going on underneath the surface.

But you’re probably wondering, how do you find your purpose in this new world that bloomed from a spiritual awakening?

If you’re like many members of the Elevate the Globe community, you might feel NOW is the time to GO BIG with your purpose.

Maybe you’ve realized that your current career isn’t aligned with your new vibration and your true self, but you have no clue what to do instead.

Maybe you KNOW you’re meant to be a lightworker or high-vibe entrepreneur, but you’re not sure how to become more visible and get paid for your passion.

Or maybe you LOVE what you do but you want to integrate your energetic practices into your work, but you don’t know where to start.

Either way, we’ve got you! We developed The Elevated Mastermind Collective -— an elite, high-vibe business mentorship program—to help you build on your spiritual foundation and manifest your next moves with confidence.

Unlock the roadmap to your highest purpose.

A high-vibe lightworker hearing the call to transform their lives in a major way and connects with other healers, teachers, entrepreneurs and humans to motivate each other, support each other, and learn from each other.

This 6-month to 12-month long program will give you…

Private group coaching from us, Britt + Tara
A network of friends ready to work alongside you to change the world
The tools + guidance you need to become an instrument of the Universe and THRIVE

We could never have left our corporate jobs and created and expanded Elevate the Globe without each other, our spiritual teachers or our bigger family of entrepreneurial BFFs in LA and beyond. We’re all so much stronger when we chase our dreams together!

The world needs more elevated consciousness in business and every aspect of life.

We’ll help you see the unique gifts that have always been within you.

You’ll clear the subconscious fears that keep you stuck and playing small.

We’ll give you the spiritual tools to make quick and intuitive business decisions. (Finally, you’ll start acting on all those messages you’ve been receiving!)

Your mission in this lifetime is so much greater than you can ever imagine and the world needs more people like you to become a catalyst of change that ripples across the globe. Simply by living a life you love every second.

  • You want to align with and take action on stepping into your purpose and create change as a teacher, leader, influencer, working mama, or high-vibe entrepreneur
  • You’re prepared to double down on your spiritual practice and take it to the next level
  • You’ve got a message that you’re dying to share, but you need help fine-tuning your vision and voice
  • You want to strengthen your aura to attract new opportunities
  • You need help taking energetically aligned action to manifest your goals
  • You have insecurities, habits, and stories blocking your expansion
  • You’re ready to call in more financial prosperity (really, who isn’t?)


Each month we give you spiritual and purpose-driven content that is curated to align your life and give you an abundance of clarity, fulfillment and success.

When you become part of the collective, you get access to all the meditations, practices, soul work, ancient teachings, practical business tips, high-level energetic support and encouragement you need to take your work to the next level.

Kundalini Practices and Meditations to Activate Your Elevated Path

Kundalini Kriyas and meditations delivered through Britt + Tara to open all your energetic field, help you focus, and align with the energy of abundance, prosperity and confidence. You’ll also receive access to our 528 Academy where we give meditations attuned to every astrological season AND so much additional content to guide you on your journey!

Connection and Support with a Close-Knit Community

When you join The Elevated Mastermind Collective, you’ll get access to a private Facebook Group full of a network of amazing spiritual badass bosses like you to ask questions or get support. You’ll also have the opportunity to connect and grow in small groups to share gifts, stories, and transformations every month.

Connection and Support with a Close-Knit Community

When you join The Elevated Mastermind Collective, you’ll get access to a private Facebook Group full of a network of amazing spiritual badass bosses like you to ask questions or get support. You’ll also have the opportunity to connect and grow in small groups to share gifts, stories, and transformations every month.

Group Coaching with Britt + Tara

As part of this collective, you’ll have the chance to connect with Britt and Tara twice a month in a group setting. Ask questions and get a ton of insight to help guide you on your personal journey. You will learn so much from what others are going through and get chances to be coached on your specific situation!

Exclusive Workshops from Master Teachers + Guides

Exclusive workshops taught by us or guest teachers + guides on different topics that are specific to the group needs and where everyone is at on their journey. These workshops are created to supercharge your experience! You’ll have access to these throughout the year with us.

Exclusive Workshops from Master Teachers + Guides

Exclusive workshops taught by us or guest teachers + guides on different topics that are specific to the group needs and where everyone is at on their journey. These workshops are created to supercharge your experience! You’ll have access to these throughout the year with us.

Soulwork to Open up the Subconscious

Clarifying + crystalizing journal prompts to help work through blockages, resistance, and dive deep into the subconscious. This tool helps you to understand how to shift your mindset to move forward more open + expanded.

Every month, you’ll discover:

  • 2 monthly group coaching zoom sessions with Britt + Tara
  • A FULL 62-minute Jupiter Meditation for Business and Opportunities video that we will all do once a week
  • 40 Day Kriya to pair with the 528 Academy meditation
  • Updated Soul Work delivered to the specific needs of the Collective
  • Unlimited support in The Elevated Mastermind Collective Facebook group

As a BONUS, you’ll have access to our 528 Academy as long as you’re a member of The Elevated Mastermind Collective and will have those resources to support you along the way!

PLUS...The Elevated Mastermind Business Guide PDF, which is a toolkit and all-in-one guide for everything you need to move your business and soulwork forward and call in success and prosperity. We've compiled all our favorites from finance programs to marketing tools that have helped make Elevate the Globe what it is today, so you can devote more time into the energy work and soul healing!

Our FINAL BONUS is our Goals with Purpose Template which is what we still use today and gives you a solid outline to help tap into the WHY behind each goal you set. We make sure to set goals together each month and reference back to them daily so our subconscious knows what we're working towards. How we set goals gives our goals a bigger purpose behind them - a clearly defined WHY.

Victoria Nielsen
Sydney Campbell
Louise Holcomb
Morgan Fiore
Charline Gregoire
Dawna Matthews
Becky Summers
“I cannot even put into words how grateful I am to have been a part of this incredible journey. I came to you at a time in my life when I was filled with so much desperation and confusion and some hopelessness… I’m at an entirely different place now than I was three months ago.”
“Before joining the Elevated Mastermind Collective I always felt hidden and unsure of myself and my voice and now I feel so confident and courageous. Elevate the Globe supported me to shed my limiting beliefs, remember my divinity, get clear on my unique magic, and uncover my soul’s voice and who I am here to serve in my work while being authentically me. It’s been so incredible and more gifts keep showing up in my life as I do the practices in the collective.”
Dawna M
“When I joined the Mastermind I was a bit lost and struggling to find clarity. I worked in the wellness space as a nurse and was also a Beachbody Coach. Through Kundalini practices and meditations I have gained the confidence to find my voice and am excited for her future. I recently began my dream job as a Labor and Delivery Nurse which I manifested when I began this Mastermind course. I have also created my own business to empower women to follow their intuition and follow their life’s purpose through one on one coaching as well as online courses. I am signing on new clients each week and am on track to fully be supported by my coaching and empowerment brand!" ”
Sydney C
“Before starting the Elevated Mastermind Collective, not even my closest friends knew I could read the Akashic Records, or that I aspired to more than a 9-5 job. Now, just a few short months later, a friend and I founded We hope to nurture your intuition, guiding you to give birth to your highest self. I want new and old mamas everywhere to find love for themselves that they have for their babies. And even this is just the beginning, and I can’t wait to continue to learn, grow, and share with you.”
Victoria P
“I can honestly say that I feel more present and at peace, than I ever have in my life. I approach each day with so much gratitude and feel truly abundant in all areas of my life (even though nothing has really changed from a monetary aspect!). All is well, and I have way more than I need. I have released a lot of ego and no longer feel constrained by what "success" used to look like for me (money, accolades, recognition, promotion, hierarchy, envy). Although I still crave having a "plan", I am way more receptive than I ever have been and am learning to really trust what comes. My family has noticed this shift in me, and have become more relaxed and grateful as a result. It is a wonderful place to be, and I know so much of this is related to my daily Kundalini practice and journaling.”
Heidi F
“You know that quote by Mr. Rogers that we often hear in times of distress “ Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” Britt and Tara are the helpers. Their energy is beautiful and comforting. It’s so easy to gravitate towards them in the world we live in now. They remind us all that feeling good is your birthright. We just need to be reminded of how to find our way home and then pass it along to show others how to find their way home. Living from a positive vibration is contagious. The Elevated Mastermind teaches business from a base of Kundalini, spirituality, astrology, intuition, wellness and love. This mix brings authenticity and truth to our life path. It is spiritual badass' dream come true. This is next level self-care for the spiritual entrepreneur. Surrounding myself with this energy has allowed me to bring that energy into my life path even stronger than I had imagined. The mastermind crew is nothing short of amazing. I ADORE each of them and they inspire me every single day. The mastermind never ends…it just keeps infusing your life and helping you on the road to evolution and for that... I am forever grateful.”
Tiffany P, Elevated Mastermind Alum and current Modern Cosmic Healer
“The Elevated Mastermind was the best program I've ever participated in. And I should know! I have done a LOT of different courses and online programs. What's unique about TEM is that it doesn't just focus on one aspect -- health or wealth or relationships or career -- The Elevated Mastermind is an integrated program that helps you elevate your life in every aspect. It's a holistic approach. The Kundalini yoga practices, training modules and journal prompts lead you on a magic carpet ride to the most intuitive, powerful and magnetic version of yourself. But the group coaching is where the magic happens. Britt and Tara use their intuitive gifts to see your blocks and the necessary actions to break through them. I started a new business venture, lost five pounds, moved into my dream home, opened up my heart to receive more love, and feel vibrant, energized and more youthful than I have in years. It's a truly transformative experience. I didn't want it to end! If you're ready to elevate, Britt and Tara will give you the wings to fly.”
Lori D., Elevated Mastermind Alumn and current President of Martin Williams
Apply Now to Join The Elevated Mastermind Collective

We’re Britt Deanda and Tara Schulenberg—co-founders of Elevate the Globe, certified Kundalini yoga and meditation instructors, and healers here to raise consciousness on the planet.

We’re spiritual entrepreneurs and high-vibrational living experts who pair Kundalini yoga with spirituality, astrology, and sustainability, helping people align with their own truth and best way of living.

We have grown our spiritual business to reach thousands of people and it is our mission to share the tools we teach to change millions of people’s lives. We both have corporate backgrounds in marketing, advertising, and consulting, as well as extensive training and certifications in Kundalini Yoga and Meditation and spiritual teachings. We have blended this wisdom together—with an assist from our deep intuitive connection with the divine—to create our wildly successful spiritual business and movement, Elevate the Globe. Our classes, events, retreats, courses, and membership community deliver incredibly transformative results. The transmission of energy we provide ignites people from all walks of life to uplevel and step into their power as happy, healthy, and abundant lightworkers elevating the globe.

Since starting Elevate the Globe 3 years ago, we’ve increased our positive impact on the world every day, doing what we love most. We are almost at 60k instagram followers, and we get messages all the time about how our work helped someone change their life to be one of love and gratitude—sometimes even overcoming depression or thoughts of suicide. Nothing is more rewarding than that.

Our spiritual lifestyle honors us with time, financial, and location freedom and we're grateful to be able to call in more abundance with everything we do- and we want more people to uplevel their abundance doing what they love. We need more spiritual and conscious people that are abundant and you deserve to be compensated greatly for your great work and we are here to help you do that!



The Elevated Mastermind (now the Collective) is different than the previous Elevated Mastermind in that instead of 3-month long program we work with you and support you as long as you stay a member. Whether you join the collective for 6-months, a year, or longer you’ll have access to all the content available in The Elevated Mastermind. You join an elite group ready to fully step into their purpose as a healer, teacher, leader, change-maker, lightworker or entrepreneur. We ask for a 6-month or 12-month long commitment to as we’ve noticed that is when huge life transformations really begin to happen and we want to guide you though that and give you a group that will help hold you accountable every step of the way. This is a more affordable way to work with us so we can help more people vs our 3 month Mastermind that was $1000/month and had less people. This will truly be a community with small groups and ways for you to network and work together in community with other like minded people doing similar and amazing things in their lives!


Since starting The Elevated Mastermind Collective we’ve seen amazing transformations happen with our alums (read the testimonials above) but we noticed a lot of the huge life-changing shifts happened AFTER the program ended. Many of our alums wished for the community access The Elevated Mastermind provided well after our time together for support or guidance for any road bumps they hit along the way. None of our members wanted the 3 month Masterminds to end! So we decided to create a community of spiritual business BFFs that you can turn to all year long, and we’ll be there too! Plus, all throughout the year you’ll get workshops specifically aligning with the energy of the group, workshops by masters + guides, and opportunities to join in-person events! With this 6-month to 12-month structure it’s more accessible to get deeper results and call in major shifts and we will even have opportunities to come together in person and really cultivate a close knit tribe.


When you are accepted into the Collective we will ask you where you are located to make sure to give you a call time that you’ll be able to make. We will vary all the call times so people all over the world can join us! For each coaching call you can request to have a segment where you come on and we coach you through anything you need support with, you won’t come on every time, but you will also learn from everyone else’s coaching every time! We will hold coaching calls once/twice a month so there will be multiple options to come on. We will always be live at least twice a month but sometimes it will be more workshop style! You can also ask us questions in the Facebook group and we will coach you that way as well throughout the month.

As part of The Elevated Mastermind Collective you will also join your own small group cohort based on location and goals to help hold each other accountable, find support and call in your own community of like-minded souls!

The entire program is run online via video chats, video workshops, audio workshops, and social platforms. You’ll have the opportunity to join in-person events throughout the year as well — more to come!


This is for the babes (or dudes!) who want to make major transformations in how they make a living or those who are called to weave their energetic practices into their careers but don’t have the tools or support to do so. This is a spiritual mastermind membership for you to learn, go deeper into your spiritual practice, have support and be held accountable, and activate high levels of prosperity and abundance!!

Rise Up is an 8 week course we offer that is focused on the chakras and balancing each chakra within a week period. Rise Up is more of a high level course and is really for those who are committed to the practice and diving deep- kind of like a spiritual bootcamp!

Our 528 Abundance Academy is basically like a spiritual gym membership where you change and update the content every month based on the astrological energy of the season. We give our members access to live new moon and full moon classes, a meditation to practice every season, ayurvedic recipes, a book club, all the astrology you need and any astrology updates, and an amazing community to keep you inspired and accountable on the regular. You get access to this when you join The Elevated Mastermind Collective.

The Elevated Mastermind Collective is our group coaching program for anyone ready to go deeper and really manifest and execute a business or entrepenuership, project/philanthrophy, becomming a teacher, healer, influencer, or professional/Mom/student/ect. wanting to bring more purpose into your life and all the content will be focused on helping you do that!


As a member of The Mastermind Collective you will have access to the platform and the content for the duration of your membership only.


You will still have lifetime access to the Mastermind you participated in and all the content and then you will also have access to The Elevated Mastermind Collective program which is new and will have new content and a new structure plus the coaching and everything included for the amount of time you join the Collective! There will be a new Facebook Group and new connections and networking and groups formed!


We completely believe in this membership and would not offer it to you if we did not. The testimonials and stories on this page are from REAL people who've received REAL results. With that being said, our lovely high vibe attorney has advised us to say this to make sure there isn't any confusion.

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the ideas and techniques in this program. Earning and transformation potential is entirely dependent on the person using our product, ideas and techniques.

Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in our materials depends on the time you devote to the program, your finances, your business, your knowledge and various skills. Since these factors differ according to individuals, we cannot guarantee your success or income level.