Have you ever been in a Kundalini class and didn’t know what was going on when everyone started chanting in the beginning? Or have you tried meditating but don’t feel like your able to get into that deep meditative space? Maybe you don’t fall into either of the above categories and you are very new to all this or maybe you are a seasoned yogi and tune in in your sleep. Whatever the case, I wanted to do a tutorial on tuning in because when I first started Kundalini Yoga, I was googling the heck out of Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo to figure out how to do it and what it was all about, so I thought other people must need to know too!

To learn how to tune in, find out more about why we do it, and what it sounds like check out the video below!

WATCH ON YOUTUBE: Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo- Mantra to Begin your Kundalini Practice

Here is some more info on tuning in:


Ong is “Infinite Creative energy

in manifestation and activity”.

Namo is “Reverent Greetings”

implying humility.

Guru means “Teacher or Wisdom.”

Dev means “Divine”

It means, I call upon the Divine Wisdom, and

Self-knowledge that is within us.


Tune in before every chant, or kriya or mudra

Say the mantra – 3 times to 5 times

Hands are held in Prayer Pose

Palms together, Thumbs, resting on your heart chakra and

Fingers pointing up

I hope this is a great reference for you! When you tune in you are aligning yourself with the universe and you will feel more connected! It might sound and feel weird at first if you are new to chanting but chanting is very healing and scientific as far as how it effects your brain and your energy positively. Now I don’t start my day without tuning in and it will increase the awareness and the vibration of your energy!

Leave any questions or comments below!