Sat Nam, beauties! Who else is loving exploring every chakra in your body? Pretty cool, right? It’s amazing what our bodies contain and the energy it encapsulates once we decide to tap in and explore every nook and cranny. For us, once we found out the power behind our chakras, harnessing all that energy and putting in the work to balancing them seemed like the only way to live this life. We’re here to help guide you on that journey, too.

Check in with yourself. How are you feeling at this moment? Do you notice certain recurring emotions rising up? Are there certain negative thoughts coming to the front of your mind? Physically, do you have a pain, stiffness or discomfort in a certain area? Doing a body scan can help you figure out which chakras may need alignment and where the energy is stuck inside your body.

If you’ve followed us along this far you may begin to realize how truly crucial it is to balance your chakras in order to cultivate a high vibrational life. We discussed signs your lower triangle may be out of balance in this blog post and how to know if your heart chakra is open here. If you’re not caught up, go check them out before moving on to our next chakra focus - the upper triangle!

We like to go from root to crown because that is how it is practiced in Kundalini yoga. We also follow this path through our 8 week guided course, RISE UP. It makes sense, the lower triangle focuses on yourself and your inward state of mind then you travel to the heart center where the energy shifts, transformation occurs and you hold onto the love for yourself but also love + compassion for others, you then move to the upper triangle where you begin to shift your energy to transcendence, spirituality and outside energy levels. When all these are working together, it makes for a balanced, creative, badass human being.

Chakras are energy centers which absorb life force or ‘prana’ from the Universe and distribute it through the energy channels throughout your entire body. By opening and balancing the chakras, it’s then possible to connect to a larger source of energy, from which we come and to which we return. This is where we can become our true selves and realign with our life’s purpose.

The upper triangle corresponds to the transcendent nature of the human being: communication or spoken truth (throat), intuition & wisdom (third eye) and finally, humility and divinity (crown). So how do you know you’re upper triangle is out of balance? Let’s look at some signs you’re upper triangle is under- or overactive.

Signs your throat  chakra is out of balance

The fifth chakra or throat chakra is connected to your throat is all about how we communicate with the world. It rests in the throats and connects with your thyroid, neck and trachea. When it’s in balance we’re able to clear speak our truths in addition to easily + attentively listening to others. As spiritual teachers and leaders, it's SO important to balance your throat chakra in order to speak your truth and have true confidence with others. As Kundalini teachers and spiritual mentors, we pay so much attention to this chakra.

Physically, you may experience thyroid issues, a sore throat, laryngitis, ear infection, neck or shoulder pain. This is the communication center of our bodies, so anything out of sorts with your communication functions may be connected to your throat chakra. It could also include cheek, lip or tongue problems.

Mentally, you’ll have problems expressing yourself. Maybe you’re shy and have trouble speaking up. In group settings you’ll get nervous connecting + communicating with others. An overactive throat chakra is indicated by an excessive need talk and over communicate. You don’t really stop and listen to others speak. That’s not good either! Let’s find that happy medium.

Emotionally, you’ll feel anxiety around self-expression whether through written or spoken communication. You fear you have no power of choice in what you say or do. That nothing is up to you. Social anxiety and detachment are clear warning signs of a blocked throat chakra.

It’s easy to clear your throat chakra, you can practice active listening or speak affirmations. Practice writing letters to those you hope to speak to or practice holding dialogue of some tough conversations. Continue to flex your creativity through art, dance, music, singing or writing. Practice yoga with moves like chanting, cobra, cat-cow (a favorite!) or shoulder stands. It’s time to speak up and let your voice be heard!

Signs of a over- or underactive third eye chakra

This chakra is juicy. The sixth chakra is associated with your third eye and sits right at your pituitary gland, in the middle of your eyebrows. It’s all about your intuition, wisdom and identity. It’s the union of opposites. We use this in Kundalini to focus and concentrate on our pituitary gland. A balanced third eye allows you to feel clear and focused. It’s where you can fully understand your purpose.

An underactive third eye chakra is indicated by the inability to see things in a new way. You’re very, very rigid in your thinking and your completely closed off to new ideas. You may also distrust your inner voice (your intuition) and remain stuck in the past.  

An overactive third eye chakra may be shown by a lack of good judgement or the inability to focus. You may be completely out of touch with reality and may be prone to hallucinations. You could also be daydreaming too often and live in exaggerated imagination; you’re entirely stuck up in the clouds.

Physically, you may experience headaches, blurred vision, sinus issues, eye strain or can experience seizures. Emotionally, you may feel moody and spend far too much time self-reflecting.

This baby is all about PRESENT thinking. When you’re balanced you can full follow your intuition. Sleep is key for a balanced third eye chakra - you may try putting away your phone an hour before bed or meditate before bed to ease you to sleep. Try practicing visualization to help balance this chakra - fully imagine your dream life down to the detail. Some balancing yoga poses include: any focusing on the third eye, kirtan kriya, archer pose, whistle breaths and pose with your forehead rested on the floor.

Signs of a blocked crown chakra

The seventh and final chakra we’ll explore in this post is the crown chakra. It’s all about your transcendence and holds the soul of your being; it’s the connection to your highest self. Wow. Wow. Wow. It sits at the crown of your head, right in your brain and pineal gland. This is what allows us to connect to all things, meaning your spirituality and something deeper than just yourself.

Emotionally, you’ll feel issues with your self-knowledge and lack direction. You carry constant confusion and feel grief or alienation. You may feel separate from everyone and everything on this Earth. You most likely fear death.

Physically, you may be sensitive to light or sound and experience and inability to learn. Depression is associated with this chakra and everything that goes with it.

Mentally, you may feel a complete disconnect from your self and this world. You may carry prejudices and continue to fight fate. You’re out of touch with your true highest selves.

Many people in our community connect with the crown chakra and the third eye. Balancing the crown chakra allows you to live mindfully. You can align your crown by making peace with Mother Earth and spirituality. Look at the silver lining of every situation you face and help others in healing. Practice meditation, sat kriya or Kundalini yoga.

We love the upper triangle because it allows us to fully connect with our high vibrational selves and bring our purposes into fruition. It takes work to balance all seven and travel up from the root to your crown, but it’s SO worth it when you feel completely connected throughout your entire being. That’s why it helps to find specific tools and practices to help your find balance.

Surround + fill your life with the color of each chakra: Breathe in the color of each chakra: blue, indigo or violet. Incorporate the energy into your daily life.

Use aromatherapy: Relax and breathe in healing scents to realign your energy levels of each chakra. Use eucalyptus for your throat chakra and to help clear a sore throat or coughing, allowing for a free passageway for expression. Lavender is calming + soothing, great for headaches and helps balance out your third eye in calming an active mind. Frankincense is one of the most spiritually-charged oils and the best for your crown. It has been around for thousands of years, and brings us mental peace and clarity.

Practice Kundalini Mantras: There are many mantras that correspond to each chakra, but that are some that target each. Sing, chant and leave these Kundalini mantras playing in your environment to strengthen the chakras of your choice. For example, you can use Sa Re Sa Sa which translates to “That Infinite Totality is here, everywhere. That creativity of God is here, everywhere,” and helps to remove negative energy within. Or our favorite, Sat Nam which translates to “Truth is your Identity,” and is for harnessing your truth.

We cover all of this and more in our RISE UP course. We take the time to balance each chakra and work our way to our true selves, going through different meditation and kundalini poses for each chakra (including 11 full length kundalini classes), holding and connecting with different frequencies and yoga poses for each chakra (including a morning magic ritual class and a night time bedtime ritual). We take the time with each chakra to find that total balance. You deserve that. You deserve, more than anything in this life, to live a life full of balance, happiness and energetic bliss. We need all the balanced and happy we can to help elevate the world!

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Is your upper triangle open and balanced? Have you been able to connect with and speak your full truth? It’s okay if you answered no! How do you plan to immediately take steps to work through clearing and aligning your upper triangle? Share with us below or connect with us on Instagram!