Alright loves. Let’s begin to put the intentions we set for 2019 into action and VISUALIZE our upgrade! I don’t know about you but we manifest SO much better when we put down our goals and aspirations down on paper. We love, love, LOVE creating vision boards. When done in the right state of mind and with the right intentions - it can be a truly magical, inspiring and therapeutic experience.

We are all creating vision boards together this month in 528 Academy so we decided to share some of that magic with our whole community because we think everyone could benefit from making these.  


We all have a conscious and subconscious mind. Yogi Bhajan explained that you have 1,000 thoughts per wink of the eye and only a small percentage of those thoughts register on a conscious level. Crazy, right?! A percentage of them go to the subconscious mind and sit there, especially if you don’t have a daily practice to clear them out. By practicing Kundalini Yoga and meditation you begin to identify those deep, subconscious thoughts that feed into your unconscious habits and patterns of being and clear them out. Once you begin to consciously acknowledge them then you can start upgrading or aligning them into ones that better align with a more elevated level of being. Our subconscious mind works in visuals and it is what drives our actions and our frequency, so by creating a vision board of pictures, bold words and color we are allowing our mind to upgrade and attract a reality to match those images vs. what your upbringing or past experiences showed you a different reality.

When creating a vision board, the first decision you have to make before starting is whether it’s for the year, the month or the season. Britt does monthly vision boards and they are as simple as bullets in a journal or a page filled with printed images and magazine cutouts of intentions and affirmations - whatever fills up your soul! Vision boards done with each astrological season have a lot of power to them because of the different energy we greet with each season that inspires a truly magical vision board. We recommend creating one for the year on top of a seasonal or monthly vision board to really hone in on your intentions and create some MAGIC!

Here are our top tips for creating the ultimate 2019 vision board!

Host a vision board party.

For a truly uplifting and connected experience, host a vision board party! We love to create a  space to share intentions and aspirations with others and get together with friends and invite some new ones. Create a warm and welcoming space flooded with positive energy before your guests arrive by saging your home and sage each guest that arrives. You can hold a meditation together before you start to encourage everyone to bring their own materials and supplies that really sparks their creativity.

Meditate before starting.

This is a must! It’s important to become present and fully aligned with your truth and your soul when you begin visualizing. The same way we meditate and use soul practices like Kundalini Yoga to tap in and connect with the higher level vibrations for intention setting is the same for creating your 2019 vision board. It’s important to really get connected to you, not the fear and doubt, because believing everything you put on your vision board is possible is key for the subconscious to manifest it. Getting the fear out of the way and tapping into your creativity is the perfect energy to be in. In this current season of 528 Academy, we share a beautiful meditation for “gathering energy for creativity” that gives you the ability to enhance, extend, and utilize all of the resources available to you - the perfect meditation for visualizing your upgrade for 2019!

Think about every aspect of your life and the FEELING.

This is so important for your upgrade. When creating your vision board think about all areas of your life - emotionally, spiritually, physically, financially - what do you want to be enhanced? The strongest pull will come from a feeling - a tug on your heart center and physical body. First, begin with a list in each area of what you hope to manifest then prioritize. This needs to be connected to your soul, not your ego so really tap into why you want to manifest each thing and what the desire and feeling are behind it. If it’s because you want to prove something or anything coming from an egoic place, toss it and dive deeper. This is about who you want to BE and how you want to FEEL first. It’s about embodying the feeling vs. hustling and going after something. For example, the feeling is, we want to have massive financial freedom, that allows us to be completed supported to do this work in a bigger capacity, support our families and many others and give back to the planet vs. we have to make a certain amount in a certain time as our first priority. The first one is the feeling we can tap into and what the images should reflect. Then from that place you can put a measurable goal if you want to, like saying you are going to manifest a million dollar year (yes this is what we are manifesting for 2019) but you start and are coming from a place of how you want to feel vs starting from the 1 million dollars. Make sense?   


We would much rather you have fewer things on your board and manifest it all than have a bunch of stuff and not any focus on any of it. Choose your top 3-5 and make them bigger than everything else on the board as your biggest priorities then put littler, less important things around it. We don’t want to spread ourselves too thin, but we all have different amounts of energy and can always get more, so just look at what this looks like for you. We used to have way too many things on our board. Now we are much more focused and really put energy into each thing and bring them in way faster, then we move on to the next.

Pick a medium.

There are SO many ways to create a vision board - make sure you pick out a medium that really calls to you. It could be on poster board, canvas, a Pinterest board, or in a journal. You can use magazine cutouts, photos, internet images, craft supplies or create it all digital. Britt likes to pull from magazine cutouts as well as use printed images from the internet (Instagram, Pinterest and Google) that way she can get really specific and not have to resort to using what’s around. Get creative and allow yourself to fully be present in the act of creating.

Pick somewhere for your vision board that is easily accessible.

You want to pick a place for your vision board to live where you see it almost every day. Maybe it’s the wallpaper on your phone or a poster next to your bedroom mirror. We usually create ours in the journals that we use every single day so we’re always connecting with our manifestations and making steps toward upgrading our lives. People in our 528 Academy made ones and put it on their desktop and even found cool decorative cork boards and hung it in their homes. Make it colorful, beautiful and get the Universe’s attention!

We’d love to see your finished vision boards! Share yours with us on Instagram tagging us @elevatetheglobe

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Have you made a vision board before? If not are you going to create one now?? Let us know in the comments below!!

Love, love, love you!!