This week we’re starting something new here at High Vibe Livin! We’ve been getting a ton of awesome questions, thoughts and comments in our private Facebook group (join us here if you haven’t yet!) so we picked our favorite this week and have answered it live. Eep!

The topic for this week comes from our HVL Spiritual Babe Warrior, Lauren, who said “Kundalini yoga changed my life, I’ve been going through such a rough time though that I’m scared to go to class because the emotion will be intense.”

Wow, this is such a great topic that we’re so excited to talk about! Sometimes when we practice Kundalini yoga, so many emotions can flood our bodies, people start crying and the experience can be downright intense. We talk about why this sometimes happens and what it means, how your resistance is the key to your happiness, and why we see intense emotional floods as a victory!

Check out the video below and on YouTube here

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