Hi Love,

Happy Composting Week!!!

If you didn't listen to our podcast episode yet listen to it here where we share so much about composting and get tips from Julia Mande from LA Compost.

We are doing a composting challenge on instagram this week to celebrate National Compost Week! We are so excited!!

Here is how to participate:

1. Compost all week, meaning save your food scraps (see more details below) and put them in a bin or your freezer.

2. Find an option in your area to compost your food scraps whether you will create your own compost pile, drop it off somewhere, or find out if your city has a pickup service! If you are in LA check out LA Compost for their 27 drop off locations!! 

3. Post about it on instagram and share your experience and tips! Tag us @elevatetheglobe and invite your friends to join!!

 See below on what you can compost from LA Compost!!

Here is the bin we both have that we are loving from Amazon!!

Here is more info about healthy bacteria.

Happy Composting.