Sat Nam!

This Wednesday we’re welcoming a lovely Full Moon in Taurus as we make our way into emotionally intense Scorpio season, providing some healthy Earth energy. Taurus urges us to seek out our self-worth and be deeply rooted in the present moment. It’s a grounding sign asking us to fully find and connect to ourselves again and on a Full Moon, it’s all about putting this into action.

This Full Moon encourages us to re-establish our excitement for life and moving forward with change with grace, knowing that you’re always supported by the universe. Not only are you being called to make peace with your present circumstances, but you are called to bring peace with you as you move forward in life and cultivate a life of bliss and abundance. When we can go within and surrender (what Scorpio is best at) to the current reality and be at peace, that’s the moment our most deep desires can then manifest into this 3D physical reality. We must be at peace with and grateful for the NOW to create a life of our dreams.

Change is upon us and this Full Moon is bringing more of it with Venus, the planet of love, beauty and attraction, opposing (having a standoff) with Uranus the planet of radial change. When this happens we are faced with changes in our relationships, our finances, within our emotions, and how we view our self-worth.

Now is a beneficial time to practice radical forgiveness as we go through this time of changes. To silently forgive everyone that has hurt you, and to align with yourself on a level that you haven’t been able to before. Go deep within now. It’s also a great time to ground yourself to the Earth so that you’re feeling safe, secure and ready to deal with anything coming your way with grace.  

One way of doing this is through a healing Grounding Ritual or “Earthing” and physically planting bare feet to the Earth. It has been shown that it can help reduce stress + anxiety, boost your mood, and reduce inflammation. All leading to a high vibrational life experience as you stay connected and grounded to this world.

What is it?

Earthing is the simple act of walking barefoot outside for as little as 10 minutes, once a week or a little every day. It’s the act of feeling the ground with your feet and focusing on it, focusing on the physical world so that we are in control + centered. It’s important to understand that our bodies generate electricity and the Earth contains its own complex electric system. So by making direct contact with it, the two systems (ours and the Earth’s) connect, resulting in a charge exchange.

What does it do?

This connection has been shown to have many positive effects on our bodies, the biggest being to help stabilize your mood and reduce stress by the simple act of being outside. By absorbing the Earth’s nutrients you can imagine yourself growing stronger, feeling anchored by the Earth.


Walking Earthing Meditation

Focus on placing one foot in front of the other and feel free to play you favorite mantra as long as it's not too fast or too slow. This is a great one to do it to “Sacred Healing Walk” by Hari Bhajan Kaur free download here

When Earthing, allow yourself to truly stay present and centered. Walk slowly and take deep breaths, imaging roots extending out beyond the soles of your feet, into the ground and to the center of the Earth. If you’d like, you can carry a crystal or two in your pocket and thumb it as a reminder to stay grounded. Smoky Quartz is a great stone for grounding and works to heal you from past trauma and hold onto your self-preservation.

Treat yourself gently this upcoming Scorpio season and practice forgiveness. Welcoming in a Full Moon in Taurus is a good time to get clear about what it is we are and aren’t doing about what we want in our lives. Venus rules Taurus: make art, be art, open yourself up to creativity, to beauty, and to love.

As we travel deeper down into the colder and more introspective months of late fall + winter, touch base with the spirit inside you. What do you want? What do you have? And where do you transcend?

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