Get ready for a wild ride because eclipse season is here and it kicks off with a full moon partial lunar eclipse occurring on Monday, August 7th at 11:10am PDT.

This will be the first of two eclipses in August and the effects of eclipses last approximately 6 months. So think back to the new moon solar eclipse in February of earlier this year and anything that was happening during that time will likely come back around to be reviewed again.

Full moons are generally the culmination of a phase and are about completions, as are eclipses.  Eclipses are about both endings AND beginnings because when something ends it creates space for something new to begin. They can literally “eclipse” something in our out of your life, quickly and swiftly and tend to bring big changes into our lives in what seems like an overnight fashion. You may also receive flashes of clarity during an eclipse, much like how a flash of lightning momentarily lights up a dark night.

The full moon partial lunar eclipse will occur in the sign of Aquarius who is ruled by Uranus, the planet of revolution and rebellion. Aquarius is an innovator, driven by intellect, a humanitarian, and always has eyes on the future. The Sun, however, is in Leo who is also ruled by our bright and shining Sun. Leo is a fiery, fun-loving, confident, energized sign and is very much focused on the self and the growth of the self.

What this brings is a focus on YOU and your future. Who do you want to become now? What path do you want to go down? How can you be of service to yourself and to others? How can you share your beautiful light with this world? It’s like a re-birthing of a new you.

All questions that will start to bubble up in your mind.

The full moon and eclipse energy will help bring completions, and help remove and release to create space to let all these new things come in. We’re finishing things up from earlier this year. You’re shedding old patterns, jobs, people, things that are no longer aligning with your vibration and the growth you’ve experienced over the past 6 months.

This full moon will also shed light on what’s been hidden from you (there is a Scorpio aspect at this full moon), and this eclipse will help you see those things clearly even if they’ve been hiding in the dark corners of your psyche. You may experience heightened intuition during this time as well.

It’s time to really take care of YOU. How can you be of service to yourself? How can you take care of yourself, heal yourself, so you can be the best version of you and align with your highest path, your reason for being here on the planet.

Do what heals you, be your own best friend right now and take care of yourself so you can give birth to this new life.

Leo is asking us to have fun with this, to celebrate you, your life, enjoy yourself, get creative, have fun getting rid of this “old skin”, these old roles you’ve been playing, the old programs you’ve been running in your life and really BE who you’ve already come to be. To really live in what you’ve created over the past 6 months. To be in full alignment with it and blaze a new future path for ourselves. The Aquuarian/Uranus energy is saying -go ahead and break the rules while we’re at it!

We also have Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, in Libra who is all about relationships, forming a harmonious aspect with this full moon. A lot of people will be forming new relationships, new partnerships.

Leo and Libra are saying go out and have fun, meet people, mingle, enjoy your life! It will be healing for you and you may even meet someone new who helps take your life in a new direction. Or maybe you’re out and about and stumble upon someone who you can be of service to, to be the light for them and help them heal and elevate. Luck will be behind you here.

This could also mean you may have to say goodbye to anyone who doesn’t lift you, sending them off with so much love because we want to stay close to the people who feel like sunlight, who brighten and uplift us.

This energy is elevating consciousness. Aquarius is influencing humanitarianism efforts, Leo energy is encouraging us to enjoy our lives and when we are in the energy of joy and happiness, we are vibrating higher and are able to really step onto our best and brightest path which is healing for you, the world and our collective consciousness. Leo is asking us to have fun doing this, how can you be of service to yourself and the world and have fun in the process?

This energy of service, humantarism, the re-birthing of a new YOU will last for 6 months. How exciting right?

NOW about the Lion's Gate portal: 

Adding to this already heightened energy, on Tuesday, August 8 the annual Lion’s Gate portal opens where Earth aligns with the star Sirius, known as the “Spiritual Sun”, and the Galactic center, creating a harmonious portal that unites “matter and antimatter.” The ancients believed that Sirius was the realm of the gods or a planet of transcended beings and when the gateway is opened to Sirius, Earth’s vibration is heightened and we’re able to receive spiritual downloads from our higher selves and higher beings.

This is an annual and pivotal cosmic ascension event where every being on the planet will be offered a choice to align with the higher realms of consciousness, to re-enter into the belief that we are all One. This portal will active your soul DNA and stream intense light waves from the star Sirius and the sun in your human energy field. We are literally going to be given information from our soul that will help with mastery and ascension so it’s imperative that we are clear channels and have the space to receive this light.

You see how these next couple days we’ll be experiencing a massive energy ascension, shedding of the old self, and a soul rebirth! There is so much going on so we want to make sure that you’re prepared and supported to make the most of this time.

Here's what you can do - ritual time!

Tonight 8/6:

1. Take care of yourself in your favorite way. Clear your aura and your space with some sage, take a salt bath with your favorite oils, go get a massage or ask your partner or friend to give you one.

2. Put your crystals out to recharge overnight and leave them out tomorrow during the day too.

3. Journal down anything you want to get rid of (jobs, relationships, things, thought patterns, etc). When you’re finished, burn the page (carefully please). Use this as an exercise in releasing.

Tomorrow 8/7:

1. Journal down 10 things that make you happy as you go about your day. What is it that you see in your everyday life that you want to focus on? What kind of emotions or situations are you coming across that you can identify and appreciate that you would like to bring into your own energy vortex? What this is doing is elevating your vibration because you’re focusing on things that you see that you appreciate, that make you happy and that you want to bring into your own vortex of energy. This is elevating and you want to be in the highest vibration possible during these next few days.

2. Hop on FB live tomorrow afternoon with us in the High Vibe Livin Spiritual Babe Warriors group where we’ll talk about this energy and take you through a meditation. If you can’t join live, watch the replay.

What are you feeling and let us know how these go for you in the comments and any questions you have!