Hi Love,

Being 38 weeks pregnant has me seeking out tips and tools to get a better night sleep more than I have ever cared to before! I thought you could benefit from my lack of z’s, so I put together my top high vibe yogic tips that have helped me the most! Most of you have the advantage of not having a baby the size of a Pomeranian dog in your stomach like I do so these should really work wonders on you for some sweet dreams and true beauty sleep…

Top 10 HIGH VIBE Tips to Get the Best Night Sleep Ever

  1. Sweat and Laugh– Before you go to sleep ask yourself, did I sweat and laugh today? If not, go on a walk before bedtime and LOL even if you have to watch a youtube video. Did you guys see this one this week- Little Kid Blames Batman for writing on the wall?
  2. Avoid a Heavy Meal- Try to eat earlier or eat a smaller meal if you have to eat late sometimes and avoid heavy foods before bed. Laying down doesn’t allow your food to digest properly and can interrupt your sleep!
  3. Brush your teeth: Brush your teeth at night and in the morning- yes you have heard this all of your life but do you and are you doing it right? EXTRA YOGI TIP/INFO: “During the night, your mouth turns into an incubator, warm, moist, and cozy. In that environment, bacteria have an orgy and they multiply like crazy. (1) The coziest spot for the bacteria are two pockets in the throat that Yogi Bhajan called “monkey glands.”Unless you get rid of that toxic accumulation first thing in the morning, you will swallow it with the first sip of liquid. So, to avoid poisoning yourself, use your toothbrush and brush way back to the root of your tongue until you gag and cough up that disease-producing mucous.Another benefit is that as you gag, it makes your eyes water, which helps preserve the eyesight.”
  4. Brush your Hair- Brush your hair down and if it’s long, braid it so it stays neat and tidy through the night. Combing with a wooden comb (I use this one) neutralizes the static electricity, distributes natural oils, and keeps the hairs untangled and it calms and soothes your mind and body! It is recommended to brush your hair for 5 minutes in the morning and at night!
  5. Drink Water– Drink a glass or two of water before you go to sleep, dehydration can disturb the sleeping mind.
  6. Wash your Feet in Cold Water- This gets your nervous system ready for relaxation. It is called hydrotherapy and the benefits are insane. “In just a few minutes you can open your capillaries, increase your circulation, wake up and strengthen your entire nervous system.” Yogis take cold showers in the morning too which you can read more about here if you are interested.
  7. Do Some Yoga and Meditation– Check out my video with some warm up exercises here that are great to do. Exercises like Life-nerve stretch, Bridge pose, frog pose and shoulder stand are also great for getting a great nights sleep and meditation helps calm you mind so much! You can put your email below to get my free guided audio meditation which is a great one to do before bed if you don’t have it already.
  8. Play Music or Relaxing Sounds– You can get a white noise machine or just play calming, soft sounds from your phone- we have sonos speakers and listen to the white noise channel or waves. You can listen to a mantra or calming music, even if its on really low subconsciously it will relax your mind.
  9. Get Inspired- Read or watch something inspirational, meditate, and say any prayers you have or think about what you are grateful for.
  10. Brief Foot Massage– Get some coconut oil or other oil and give yourself a foot massage…if you have someone who will do it for you even better