You are so absolutely amazing! Do you know how incredible you really are? I think the people who realize how amazing they really are are the most zen and sexy. It’s not an ego, pompous vibe, it’s a confident, secure vibe of knowing your self worth and loving yourself in a way where you are aligned with your purpose and who you truly are. I know Valentines Day can be hard for some people because of unmet expectations, loss and lonlieness, and lack of self love, so this year love yourself a little bit more than normal, because hey, you deserve it! My hope is that no matter what your situation is you choose happiness and have an amazing V-Day. Hope you like these tips….

  1. Do Something That Makes You Happy– I posted on my insta yesterday that Strawberries have a way of making me happy. It a combination of just really liking the taste of them and memories I have that are associated with them. We all have things like that, which can bring a smile to our faces or evoke joy and a great way to practice self love is to do something that makes you happy even if it’s something as simple as eating a strawberry.
  2. Tap Into Your Heart– Ok I know, sounds easier said than done but doing things that bring compassion and love into our lives tap into your heart energy which is a very powerful source. “The heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body…100 times stronger than that produced by the brain and can be measured several feet away from the body.” Rollin McCraty, PhD. Do a heart opener meditation, help a friend or someone in need, see green- visualize a strong, clear green light filling up your heart center—located in the center of your sternum and below your shoulder blades, forgive someone.
  3. Give Love Away– If your feeling helpless, help someone. When you help others you are actually helping yourself more because when we help others we feel good about ourselves and feeling good about ourselves is what self love is all about. Compliment someone, give a friend or family member a note or a text to tell them how much they mean to you, pass along a great book you read to someone you think would like it, surprise someone with a juice or meal on you.
  4. Unplug– Take time out to unplug from everything. Whether its not taking your phone on a walk, turning off the TV, taking a day away from answering your phone or going on social media, it helps to recharge and connect with yourself when you turn off a lot of the things that distract us from ourselves in the first place. Zen and sexy people make a priority to unplug, even if its for a short amount of time, set time aside to do it regularly even if it means a day off work or a day to yourself.
  5. Stop Hanging Out With People Who Don’t Inspire You- Do you have that person you keep hanging out with, but you always feel like shit afterwards? Stop hanging out with them.
  6. Clean Our Your Junk Drawer– Do you have a drawer, shelf, or pile that is causing clutter? Clean it up, when we create space around us that is zen and un-cluttered, our mind reflects our environment, so it can make a big difference in the way we feel about ourselves. When you care about your space, you show love to yourself on a lot of levels.
  7. Be Clear And True To Your Desires– “With a clear desire, you can say yes to the right opportunities.” Danielle Laporte When you are in-tune with what you want to feel you are being true to yourself without judgement. Self love means giving yourself what you need and desire so that you are able to be happy and not feel bad about it. When you are happy, you are able to give and create and that is when you reach self-actualization.
  8. Pamper Yourself- Taking care of yourself seems like an obvious one, but are you really doing it? Are you washing your face at night, eating healthy food, exercising, grooming yourself, flossing? If you have a pain are you going to the chiropractor or trying acupuncture or are you letting it get worse? You only have one body and mind in this lifetime, take care of it well and you will feel so great!
  9. Minimize Things You Don’t Like Doing– If you hate going to the grocery store- set up amazon fresh to deliver, if you can’t stand cleaning the toilet and it puts you in a shitty mood- get a cleaning lady to come once a month or trade a chore with your partner or roomie. Minimize the things in your life you don’t like doing and start doing more things you love!
  10. Be Happy for Others- Stop comparing your hair to Gisele Bundchen, your cooking to your food blogger yoga buddy, and your instagram feed to that girl who lives in the Carribean. Just focus on you and when you see something you like about someone else be happy for them instead of comparing yourself to what they have. We all have unique strengths, embrace yours.

If you want to love yourself by creating a daily love practice, check out our 40 Day Meditation Challenge starting 2/22 which will bring a whole lot of self love into your life

Let me know what else you do to create a self love vibe in your life and what has worked well for you in the comments below!