Today on the podcast we are so very excited to welcome Shaman Durek on! We just love Shaman Durek and all that he shares with the universe, he is truly such a light in this world! This is Shaman Durek’s second time as a guest, and if you haven’t listened to his first episode, we would love for you to give it a listen. This episode is just perfect for the Aquarius season that we are now in, and we are so excited for you to hear the different topics that we go into!

We chat about:

  • How women are so blessed and powerful
  • Changing the nature code and how we need to stop playing with it
  • The overpopulation of children and how it’s so trendy right now
  • Overconsumption issues and how they are affecting us and our planet
  • The make and take mentality
  • Being compassionate to people
  • Making the right decisions for yourself in your highest consciousness
  • The limitations we put on ourselves
  • Operating outside of crazy
  • Rephasing your words to set yourself up for better consciousness
  • Darkness needing your light to survive
  • Ringing away fear with words
  • Everyone having their own versions of heaven
  • Being okay with being different as a person
  • Shaman’s new word for love
  • How we can expand and open our own perception


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