Registered Nurse and holistic skincare expert Celeste Wilson is full of advice for a lifetime of healthier skin. We talk about the importance of fermented foods, easy recipes you can make in your own home, and ways to heal stress. Celeste is a dear friend of ours, and she is the face behind The True Spoon, a website focused on holistic skincare and gut health. We just loved having Celeste on the show and definitely plan to incorporate her skincare tips into our life!

We chat about:

  • The True Spoon and how it all started.
  • Celeste’s personal acne story.
  • Our largest organ- skin!
  • Greenwashing and the “all natural” claim.
  • Good and not-so-good oils
  • Celeste’s favorite fermented foods and how that ties with healthy skincare.
  • How meditation has helped alleviate stress.
  • What elevates Celeste.
  • We also answer questions from you about creating a morning practice.


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