Today we decided to have a duo episode! We really felt called to share how the two of us got into the world of health, wellness, astrology, and why we live + teach living a high vibrational lifestyle. Plus, we really wanted to offer some of the tools + tips that have really helped us during this Aquarian Age transition and continue to help us daily. We also talk about what is actually happening to your body when you are holding postures for long periods of time in the Kundalini Yoga practice. 

We are also so excited to have Melissa Dolan join us in Lobby Talk to reflect on her experience with Rise Up! It has been so amazing watching Melissa’s journey and being able to be a part of who she is growing into!

We chat about: 

  • How mainstream the wellness movement has become
  • Going from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age
  • Tips to help you during your spiritual + wellness transition
  • Why daily practice is so important
  • Not letting fear + anger run things
  • Taking inspired action
  • How to be a source of light
  • An overview of Kundalini yoga + why we do it
  • Moving + working through discomfort
  • Shifting your conscious perception
  • Working on posture in your practice
  • How Kundalini saved Britt
  • More about Rise Up!
  • Melissa Dolan shares her Rise Up experience!