Valeria Hinojosa is the yoga teacher, adventurer, and vegan chef (three things we’re OBSESSED with!) behind WaterThruSkin, a conscious lifestyle blog, and WTS Connect, the world's first conscious influencer agency.


We’re all about moving towards a more conscious, more sustainable, and more eco-friendly lifestyle every day, so we incredibly grateful for the beautiful lifestyle that Valeria lives and shares with others! Valeria raises conscious living to a new level, and she’s really inspired us uplevel our own lifestyles – and we know she’ll inspire you too!!


We chat about:

  • Valeria’s transition from banking to conscious living
  • How Valeria started conscious living
  • Documentaries that can change your life
  • Where the name WaterThruSkin came from
  • Sustainable brands (some of which may surprise you!)
  • Why Valeria founded WTS Connect
  • How consumers can support sustainability
  • How to find sustainable travel options
  • Living your dreams (and not someone else’s)
  • The women who inspire us + how we can inspire each other
  • Conscious fashion
  • Valeria’s everyday strategies for staying sustainable




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