Tamara Iglesias is the Founder of Wellynest, a wellness and Momma Coaching brand dedicated to empowering families to live fully whole and nourished lives. She believes that our children have the power to change the world, and we couldn't agree more!!


If you don't have children, even if you don’t want children, there's still a lot to learn – everything Tamara says applies to EVERY relationship, personal or business, because the health of every relationship comes down to conscious communication. We fell in love with all of the beautiful wisdom that Tamara has to share, and we're sure you will too!


We chat about:

  • Tamara’s background on Wall Street + how she got on this path
  • Respecting + trusting your child to become their own true self
  • Being a role model
  • Giving your children opportunities (without shaming them)
  • How a spiritual yoga fast transformed Tamara’s life
  • Pregnancy
  • How to start conscious parenting
  • Why we should invest in momma coaches in the same way we invest in health and fitness coaches
  • Clear communication, boundaries, and slowing down
  • Natural consequences
  • Respect goes a long way!
  • Conscious communication as a life skill
  • Why we need to allow our children to have their full range of emotions
  • Cultivating play + creativity
  • Lobby talk on communication, words, and manifestation




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